Lacey Donohue · 11/22/13 12:24AM

[A child watches a show by the French street theatre company Les Plasticiens Volant, featuring giant, terrifying puppets, during an event to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Thursday. Photo by Peter Dejong via AP]

Dutch Government Ruins Amsterdam for Backpackers

Max Read · 05/28/11 11:58AM

The Netherlands' right-wing coalition government announced yesterday that it will ban tourists from weed-selling coffee shops by the end of the year, effectively giving the finger to backpackers everywhere. And while we generally support liberal drug laws, and have no fondness for Geert Wilders' anti-Muslim Freedom Party, we don't really blame the Dutch for wanting to limit drug tourism, given that it attracts the most annoying people on the planet.

Six Dead in Shopping Mall Shooting

Max Read · 04/09/11 01:45PM

A shooter with an automatic weapon opened fire in a shopping mall in the Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn, killing six and wounding 10 before taking his own life. It's the second shooting in as many weeks in the town of 70,000 (two were killed on April 2), though it's unclear if the incidents were connected; the gunman in today's massacre was apparently shooting indiscriminately. He hasn't been identified, though he is apparently "known to police." [BBC; image via AP]

The Soccer Ignoramus' Guide to the World Cup Semi-Finals

Zach Dundas · 07/05/10 01:53PM

The World Cup now enters its Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome phase. We began with a thriving civilization of 31 proud soccer nations (plus France). Only four battle-hardened survivors remain to spar over scarce resources in an unforgiving environment.