Trump's New, Super-Official Net Worth Exaggeration: Over $10 Billion

Jay Hathaway · 07/22/15 04:45PM

The Federal Election Commission Wednesday released the 92-page personal financial disclosure of one Donald J. Trump, a $4 billion puddle of tinted moisturizer haphazardly garnished with hair and eyebrows who wants to be the next president. The Trump-puddle, who oozed slowly down an escalator last month and (inaccurately) declared he was worth $8.7 billion, has increased his claim by more than a billion since then.

Donald Trump's Grossly Exaggerated Net Worth: A Timeline

Jay Hathaway · 06/18/15 01:35PM

As cartoon plutocrat and sentient overripe pear Donald Trump officially entered the Republican presidential race Tuesday, he pointedly brandished a financial disclosure statement that asserts his net worth to be in the neighborhood of 9 billion dollars. How much is Trump really worth? If history is any guide, the safe answer is: much less than he says he does.

Bloomberg Takes a Hit

cityfile · 09/22/08 10:11AM

Last week, Forbes annointed Michael Bloomberg the richest person in New York with a net worth of $20 billion. The Wall Street Journal offers up a handful of reasons today why he's probably not worth that much, at least after the events of last week: "If Bloomberg were publicly traded, its stock likely would have taken a dive this week... There are now two fewer investments banks buying Bloomberg terminals, not to mention the thousands of finance workers who also will lose their jobs—and their terminals—this year." [WSJ/Wealth Report]

Hank Greenberg Is Not Smiling

cityfile · 09/17/08 12:16PM

How is Hank Greenberg, the ex-CEO of AIG, feeling today? Not good! Sure, he's pissed that AIG's current management team led by Bob Willumstad didn't turn to him for his "suggestions and help." But he's a lot poorer, too: His shares in the insurance giant were valued at more than $700 million last year. As of this morning, his stake is worth roughly $28 million. [WSJ]