Disney Buys Pornographers' Parenting Website

Ryan Tate · 11/14/11 03:34PM

Chalk one up for middle-aged mundanity over the edgy glamour of youth. Disney will pay around $40 million for Babble Media, the oft-maligned blogging hub for hipster parents, sources tell Business Insider. Disney will also onboard Babble's founders, whose hyperliterate porn mag Nerve was a critical smash but never very financially successful.

Did You 'Enjoy the Fried Calamari' On Your Date Last Night?

Sheila · 05/01/08 03:05PM

From the blogger, a New York gentleman who calls himself "Zeitgeisty": "Last night I went on another date with that chick I met at Dunkin Donuts, the one I thought was a bit skinny.. Well, this time around I felt a bit more 'plugged - in', and we both 'enjoyed the fried calamari' so to speak." So many things going wrong here, but... no, dude, we do not know what you meant by "enjoyed the fried calamari." Well, we sort of do, but... Dunkin' Donuts chick—e-mail us and elaborate?

Sexually Frustrated Ladies In NYC, Needs You

Maggie · 11/07/07 05:25PM

We are all born out of an orgasm," cries in their Craigslist ad seeking "sexually frustrated women of all ages" for their documentary series, "Sex-Ed." True! Also, a little franker than we really prefer before lunch when the subject is our own conception, but never you mind! If you've had difficulty achieving orgasm or never have and you live in the New York City area, is happy to give you a reacharound, so long as you let them film it—for free, natch. What's in it for you besides your 15 minutes, which surely, you will live to regret?

More of Eric Schaeffer's Little Peccadildos. Yeah, You Read That Right.

Emily Gould · 01/25/07 05:10PM

We can stop posting about Eric "I Can't Believe I'm Still Single, Even Though Every Other Sentient Life Form On Planet Earth Soooo Can" Schaeffer any time we want. Really. Okay, but before we take a vow of silence about Eric (who is also on the MySpace, in case you missed him on Nerve or Match) forever, we just have to share these latest tips. They're all thematically linked somehow. "How?" you're probably wondering. "I am racking my brain and I can't figure out what they're getting at based on that mysterious headline?!" Well, click on past the jump, little ones. But heed our warning: not safe for . . . just not safe. NOT SAFE.

Dating Eric Schaeffer: Reports From The Field

Emily Gould · 01/25/07 01:40PM

Well, we knew it would happen eventually: our best efforts to never post about Eric Schaeffer again have been thwarted. The reason? We've started getting emails from women who've not only "winked" at Eric on Match and talked dirty with him on Nerve, they've actually met him in person (or they have a "friend" who has met him in person). So, uh, how'd it go?