Straight guy walks into a gay bar

Gawker · 04/08/03 03:47PM

Nerve's Grant Stoddard (the straight guy) visits The Hole (the East Village gay bar) to "see how I fare as the object of carnal desire in a gay club." Grant explains his curiosity: "In the past, I've been accused of being a tad fey. First, I have an outrageous British accent, which my colonial friends tend to associate with an innate lust for cock. Second, because I hail from Mother Europe, I tend to wear snugger-fitting pants. I can't help dancing like Molly Ringwald, and I get pedicures (but only in the summer months). After seeing Chicago, I raved about Catherine Zeta-Jones and came across all 'jazz hands' for about a week."
I did it for science [Nerve]

The sex film project

Gawker · 01/19/03 11:33AM

Nerve covers John Cameron Mitchell's Sex Film Project. Mitchell wants to make a film with "meaningful dialogue, a dramatic arc, robust camerawork and lots of hardcore screwing." Says Mitchell, "Shooting porn has become very standardized: you have a camera up the ass, another camera up the vagina...I want the sex to look the way it does when you're having it. You don't necessarily see up your ass." Amateur porn stars, take note: there's an open casting call.
Project X [Nerve]
The Sex Film Project

Bazima dissects online dating at Nerve

Gawker · 01/17/03 12:03PM

"So every so often, when I feel a lull in the loving or need an ego boost as I have recently due to Fuckhead and that other one, I dial up the big N (most humbling moment: "everytime I find myself back on Nerve"). Plus, I've been on edge lately." Bazima chronicles, in Bazima Chronicles fashion, the dating zoo that is Nerve online personals.
Playing on my last fucking Nerve [Bazima via East/West]