Robo-Vaping Is the Sad Future of Smoking

Hamilton Nolan · 10/08/13 02:42PM

Lawmakers in Europe have voted to ban menthol cigarettes, but have rejected a proposal to heavily regulate "E-cigarettes." This development further cements the vast gulf between the cool, dangerous, retro smoking choices of the past, and today's ridiculous techno-vaping nerd trend.

Lying College Students Don't Binge Drink Any More

Hamilton Nolan · 02/16/11 04:02PM

Kids these days! Getting smashed is no longer the "cool" thing to do among American collegians—college binge drinking rates (at Purdue, admittedly) have fallen from 48% to 37% in only three years! What are our young people doing rather than downing Colt 45 at racist fraternity sex parties? According to the Wall Street Journal—known as the beating pulse of life on campus—they're doing the following:

Rare New Yorker Copy Editing Error Spotted!?

Adrian Chen · 08/14/10 11:21AM

To punctuation expert Lynne Truss, The New Yorker is "that famous punctilious periodical." The last grammar mistake to appear in the New Yorker might have been made by a hungover E.B. White. But has this impeccable record finally been broken?

Did Tech Geeks Rip Off Sci Fi Geeks?

Hamilton Nolan · 01/06/10 11:09AM

Ha, the family of sci-fi writer Philip "K" Dick is threatening to sue Google for stealing its "Nexus One" phone name from the Dick story that inspired Blade Runner (it also featured Androids, get it??). Google's response: "Nerds." [WSJ]

Wikipedia Gridlocked by Wikipedia Nerds

Hamilton Nolan · 11/23/09 11:47AM

Wikipedia was probably pretty cool a few years back when you could just get a wild hair and immediately post up an article on The Artifacts, or whatever. But now it's run by a dead-ender Debbie Downer "deletionist" nerd army.

What Gets a Freaky Google Overlord Excited at Night

Ryan Tate · 10/26/09 11:21AM

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is a weird guy. A smart programmer whose ideas lifted humanity, but a weird guy nonetheless. A coder who dislikes coffee. An American who knows virtually nothing about baseball. And then there are his evening jollies.

Math Nerds Getting Richer, Sexier

Hamilton Nolan · 08/06/09 11:24AM

The Way We Live Now: Revenge-d by the nerds. Statisticians are the new Hedge Fund Guys. The less math-y among us are just marks for con artists and shady Metrocard machines. But: hot stock tip, below!

The A-Pee

Hamilton Nolan · 06/12/09 09:33AM

Journo-nerd Bible the AP Stylebook—which last year unconscionably got rid of "riffraff" and "malarkey"—has been updated again. Things the AP just learned about in 2008: baba ghanoush, Twitter, and water sports.

Harvard Faces Day Without Pi

Hamilton Nolan · 03/12/09 04:18PM

Today in Ivy League math event news: Harvard has canceled its annual digit-reciting extravaganza "Pi Day." Despite last year's "pretty crazy" pi blowout: