From the Mailbag

Sheila · 10/03/08 03:36PM

"Everyone in the New York gay scene is referring to "Oxycontin" as Cindy [McCain] and "crystal meth" Bristol [Palin]." But what happens if you combine Cindy and Bristol?

Look, We Made You a Gawker Glossary!

Sheila · 07/09/08 03:52PM

If you're new to this website—or even if you're not!—there may be moments when you ask yourself, "WTF is going on?" In order to increase traffic, we feel it's important to make this site's host of internet slang terms more accessible to moms. But seriously—in case n00bs are getting confused by our describing people as webtard/fameball/emosoynistic douchecomplexes, here's a handy guide to the terms and insults of Gawker Media. Inside: the difference between a catbag and a cashfan explained.

New Words Of 2007 Make Us Feel Old And Dumb (Or Smart)

Joshua Stein · 12/24/07 10:00AM

One reason getting older isn't so bad is that at the end of every year, one gets to watch as the Times trots out words coined in the year previous, courtesy of Gawker pal Grant Barrett. Who really can complain of an increased risk of prostate cancer, a few more wrinkles and a lack of stamina while words like "gorno" "life-stream" and "mobisode" made the passage of time worth it? On the other hand, none of these words mean what they sound like they mean.