Five News Stories That Osama bin Laden's Death Ruined

Brian Moylan · 05/02/11 02:16PM

In the wake of any gigantic news story, like the death of Osama bin Laden, there are a million other little news stories that don't get nearly enough attention, starve to death, and then wash up on shore with all the other forgotten driftwood. Here are some that got screwed today.

The Most Annoying Thing About Reality TV

Brian Moylan · 03/14/11 01:49PM

you ever have a sense of déjà vu when watching reality TV? Like when a show comes back from commercial and you're like, "Wait a minute. Didn't I just see that?" Yeah, you probably did, and it's annoying as all hell. Why must reality producers treat us like imbeciles?

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Catfight!

Alison Flood · 01/17/11 12:23AM

Kim and Kandi are on tour, so some inevitable drama happened when NeNe met the crew in Florida and one of the noisiest fights on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta erupted. Watch it all go down inside.

Nose Jobs & Baby Showers on Real Housewives

Alison Flood · 10/25/10 11:11PM

Nene's surgery episode has arrived, and girlfriend looks good and keeps everyone laughing while she's recovering. You may have thought nothing could overshadow Nene on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Phaedra's baby shower has everything from ballerinas to big hats.

Is Page Six Going to Hell Already?

Brian Moylan · 10/21/10 03:06PM

The New York Post's gossip column Page Six issued a correction today but it still hasn't caught two mistakes it made the day before yesterday. Is new editor Emily Smith really ready to take over the storied gossip column?

Sandra Bullock to Divorce Cheating Husband

Brian Moylan · 03/30/10 10:25AM

Sources say the star has made up her mind. Lindsay Lohan nonsensically addresses her white powder accident. Mischa Barton barfs. Levi Johnston is back for more. Michael Jackson wasn't dead at the hospital. Tuesday's gossip is alive. It's alive!

Mischa Falters, Madonna Fired, More Mess for Tiger

cityfile · 12/11/09 08:14AM

• There's both good and bad news for Mischa Barton. The bad: She's reportedly drinking again and was seen "knocking back shots and drinking margaritas" earlier this week. (As you may remember, that sort of behavior led Mischa to spend some time in the hospital this past summer.) The good news: She supposedly looked "healthy" and "in control" while doing it, so it should be a few months before she hits bottom again and is forced to make a return trip. [P6]
• Think a good thought for Madonna. Louis Vuitton has decided to drop Madge as the face of the brand and replace her with 25-year-old supermodel Lara Stone. [Sun]
• The last 24 hours of Tiger: Holly Sampson, the porn star who had been suspected of having a tryst with Tiger, confirmed the rumor yesterday; meanwhile, Hollywood madam Michelle Braun says Woods spent $60,000 on hookers between 2006 and 2007, was into the "college cutie, girls-next-door look," and was a fan of three-ways, too. Luckily for Tiger, the reports about his dozen or so mistresses (and all the kinky specifics) may not spell disaster for his marriage to Elin Nordegren. Several tabloids report that Woods has come clean to Elin about "all" of his misbehavior in recent days and she's planning to stay with him.

'Tardy for the Party' Live Will Give You Nightmares

Brian Moylan · 11/06/09 12:20PM

Yesterday Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak sang her hit song "Tardy for the Party" live for the first time. It is the scariest thing to happen on television since Britney Spears crashed an burned at the VMAs. Worse even!

How to Be a Real Gay Housewife of New York

Brian Moylan · 10/01/09 02:05PM

It's kind of like getting laid on Manhunt. If you want to be on Logo's Kept, you have to be hot, fabulous, have a place to live, and have pictures, lots and lots of pictures!