Did Mossad Secretly Train Nelson Mandela on Judo, Guns and Sabotage?

Adam Weinstein · 12/20/13 10:01AM

South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela secretly traveled to Ethiopia and received paramilitary training from Israeli spies shortly before he was arrested in 1962, according to a memo that was reportedly just unearthed from Israel's State Archives.

Gabrielle Bluestone · 12/10/13 08:55PM

Even Toto thought it was a little weird that CBS played their '80s anthem "Africa" over its Nelson Mandela memorial footage. "As the co-writer of the song, if I had been asked for sync approval, the answer would have been a decline," lead singer David Paich told the Hollywood Reporter.

"Porn Troll" Lawyer Can't Answer Email Because He's Mourning Mandela

Adam Weinstein · 12/06/13 01:44PM

A copyright-trolling attorney whose firm is in hot legal water for aggressively suing porn downloaders says he totally wants to respond to a reporter's tough questions, but he's too broken up right now by the death of South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela:

"A Typical Terrorist Organization": What They Said About Mandela

Cord Jefferson · 12/06/13 10:00AM

In the wake of Nelson Mandela's passing, a great many people will come forward to offer their reflections on a man who suffered for decades in order to help black South Africans defeat Apartheid. Let's not forget, then, there once was a time when mainstream political notables had no qualms slurring Mandela and the African National Congress—and whitewashing the crimes of Apartheid South Africa. Here are some of those instances.

Nelson Mandela, Dead at 95

Taylor Berman · 12/05/13 04:47PM

Former South African President and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela has died from complications related to a recurring lung infection. He was 95.