Britney Spears Tells a Bodyguard That She's Britney, Bitch on Neil Patrick Harris' New Show

Christina Lee · 09/22/15 11:15PM

Neil Patrick Harris subjects his celebrity pals to some elaborate pranks on his new NBC variety show Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. Last week’s season premiere had him auditioning for The Voice in disguise, to Pharrell’s unamusement. This week he roped in Britney Spears to punk three bodyguards who think they are auditioning for her Piece of Me Vegas residency.

Which Celebrities Would You Let Raise Your Kids?

Drew Magary · 03/30/12 02:26PM

If you have kids of your own, you know how insane it is when some famous idiot like Angelina Jolie is talking to a magazine and is like, "Oh, we all hang out at home together and watch movies in bed!" Of course you do. I'm sure flying to Cambodia to shoot ludicrous Louis Vuitton ads only takes five minutes out of your day. The rest is all dedicated to you and your 12,000 little ones.

Neil Patrick Harris Wants to Be Regis Philbin Real Bad

Brian Moylan · 12/01/11 12:18PM

In case you didn't think that gay jack-of-all-trade Neil Patrick Harris didn't want to fill the seat on Coffee Klatch: LIVE! vacated by Regis Philbin, he actually pretended to be Regis this morning while guest hosting with celebrity fag hag Kelly Ripa.

Kardashians Resort to Blatant Lies: 'Didn't Make a Dime' from Wedding

Maureen O'Connor · 11/02/11 11:25AM

After much berating, the Kardashian klan kracks and starts telling lies. Lindsay Lohan returns to court. Hugh Grant has a baby after a "fleeting affair" with a mystery woman. Denise Richards and Richie Sambora reunite. Wednesday gossip plays with semantics.

Google Will Now Tell You Which Celebrities Are Gay

Brian Moylan · 09/28/11 02:48PM

Finally getting hip to the fact that it is the world's sexual barometer, Google has introduced its own sort of gaydar, which will tell you which celebrities are gay and which are straight. But how reliable is it?

Harold and Kumar 3: The Christmas One

Max Read · 08/10/11 08:19PM

Here's the trailer for A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, which is, yes, the third Harold and Kumar movie to grace our multiplexes. It is, as you may have guessed, a Christmas movie shot in 3D.

Neil Patrick Harris and Elton John's Big Gay Family Cruise

Matt Cherette · 08/05/11 02:21AM

Elton John and husband David Furnish had some special guests in St. Tropez on Thursday when Neil Patrick Harris and fiancé David Burtka joined them for a ride on their yacht. They even made it a family affair, with Harris and Burtka bringing along twin babies Harper Grace and Gideon Scott to play with nine-month-old Zachary, John and Furnish's son. For no other reason than how cute this all is, here are some pictures from the big gay family affair.

Kristen Stewart's 21st Birthday Party Was Pretty Lame

Maureen O'Connor · 04/12/11 10:43AM

Kristen Stewart eats birthday cake in the vicinity of Edward and Jacob. Charlie Sheen is a serial pet killer. Tori Spelling is pregnant again. Ashley Tisdale shows her boobs, and so does Christina Hendricks. Tuesday gossip eats cake.

CBS Forces the HIMYM Cast to Show Their Love for the Show

Matt Toder · 01/05/11 11:29AM

What a conveniently timed little piece of PR this is: the cast of HIMYM talking about how much they love the show. It's got laughs and earnest talk and you just know CBS forced it in response to Monday's episode.