Dr. Oz Is a Mean Old Neighbor

Jeff Neumann · 12/04/10 02:20PM

Besides scaring the shit out of people, America's favorite medical fearmonger, Dr. Mehmet Oz, is also apparently a bad neighbor. He planted 46-foot cedar trees to hide his pool from paparazzi, but ruined his neighbor's property value in the process.

A Treehouse Triumphs In Manhattan

Jeff Neumann · 10/27/10 06:39AM

An 18-month court battle over a woman's right to have a backyard treehouse for her kids has ended, and the treehouse won. New York artist Melinda Hackett yesterday beat her cranky neighbor and even won landmark status for the structure.

Joe McGinniss Says He is Not Spying on Sarah Palin

Ravi Somaiya · 05/29/10 11:37AM

The author moved in next door to the Palins, as part of his research for a book on Sarah. Wasilliness ensued — she built a giant fence and accused him of spying on her kids. He says that's ridiculous.

Who Is Gawker Media Overlord Nick Denton's New Neighbor?

Foster Kamer · 11/22/09 12:30PM

I must've inadvertently done a rain dance to the gossip gods yesterday, because here at Gawker Weekend HQ, Christmas is here. Not often do I get too many O RLY?! moments like this. Everyone, meet my boss Nick's new neighbor:

Is Dov Charney Neglecting His Chihuahua?

Hamilton Nolan · 04/09/08 04:24PM

A Los Angeles neighbor of American Apparel hipster-in-charge Dov Charney writes in after seeing our item about Dov's charming front yard "Fuck off" sculpture. Turns out that while he's often seen wandering around talking on the phone and scratching his balls, Dov may be letting his primary occupation, assisting young models, interfere with an equally important obligation: taking care of his poor little chihuahua, named "HedKayce." Dig it! The full email, after the jump.

Odious Attorney Couple Settles Asinine Smoking Lawsuit

Hamilton Nolan · 04/08/08 08:28AM

Jonathan and Jenny Selbin—two people who deserve one another—are both attorneys and the worst neighbors you could possibly imagine. In February, they filed a lawsuit against their neighbor for smoking in her own apartment, taking her to court even after she bought air purifiers because her smoking was "endangering" their sensitive child. The note they slipped under her door at the time read "As you may not be aware, we are both lawyers and both litigators, for whom the usual barriers to litigation are minimal." That bit made them the runaway winners of our February ""Which snippet from the Times Real Estate section makes you most want to assault the person in the story?" contest. Now, the suit has been settled [NYT]—and the Selbins are concerned about their own reputation.

Alec Baldwin Just Fighting With Hamptons Neighbors At HuffPo

Pareene · 01/31/08 06:50PM

Remember the story of the terribly racist "humor" column in the Hamptons Independent last week? It upset famed blogger Alec Baldwin! Baldwin wrote about the column earlier this week (and then again!) as an example of "how the Obama ascendancy is playing out in Small Town America." Leaving aside the fact that the Hamptons are "small town America" only if you are a time traveler from the 17th century, the column was idiotic and well worth piling on. BUT! Maybe Alec had an ulterior motive for singling out this particular piece of regrettable small-market bullshit for a very public flaying! Maybe Alec has some personal beef with the gentleman that wrote the column—the paper's editor, Rick Murphy. Maybe because Baldwin is involved with the East Hampton Democrats, who don't particularly get along with Murphy! Maybe Murphy mocked Alec's letters to the editor! And maybe Rick Murphy's wife left a long comment to that effect at HuffPo—a comment which mysteriously failed to appear! After the jump, Alec Baldwin's "Small town" Hamptons intrigue.