Watch Out, Cougars!

Sheila · 02/06/08 05:34PM

The "sugar mamas" cruising the profiles for potential "boy toys" at online cougar-dating site Pocketchange NY might want to be careful. We spy the profile of one Neel Shah! What the lovelorn cougars probably don't realize is that Neel, AKA Former Gawker Intern Neel, Radar Online-r, and general man-about-town, is probably writing about his experience, as he is known to do. They might not want their awesome chatup lines broadcast all over the internets, and he'll definitely be crashing their little speed-dating event tomorrow. As it is, they're leaving him all sorts of lascivious comments...

Jizzle Yizzle And Nizzle Shizzle Smoke Weed With Snoop Dogg At The Bowery

Joshua Stein · 11/29/07 03:40PM

Speaking from experience, the life of an After Hours reporter can sometimes be tedious. There's only so much free Belvedere vodka one can drink (just kidding! There's no limit. Please drink responsibly); so long you can feign interest in the pap vaguely interesting people are feeding you; and so many canapes you can cram down your throat the whole time thinking, "Fuck, I'm going to be too drunk to have a proper dinner." Which is why Jada Yuan's job at New York magazine remains a thing to be marveled at but not envied. But then there are times when one's relentless faux-enthusiasm for all things nocturnal pays off. Like, for instance, when you are Jada Yuan and you run into Snoop Dogg at the Bowery Hotel and a swarthy Radar-employed enabler named Neel Shah convinces you it's a good idea to get high with him. And so you do.

A Gawker Thanksgiving

Joshua Stein · 11/21/07 05:00PM

Every year Gawker commenter and ad sales guy (and the best argument for abolishing the divide between editorial and advertising) LolCait has a super special Thanksgiving in his mind. There all of his and your favorite characters meet and dreams come true. This year Laurel Touby hosts.

Neel Shah Lies To Girls About Why Guys Lie

Emily Gould · 09/07/07 11:30AM

Today's teenage girls have some serious ish to contend with, and it cannot be helping that our former intern and current Radarer Neel Shah is being allowed to give them advice under the auspices of his unofficial position as Spokesman For Boys. This month in Cosmogirl, he explains the five reasons "Why Guys Lie." For starters: "See, unlike girls, when guys lie, we're not really thinking about the benefits or consequences to what we're saying." This is a lie. The article is full of lies, actually!

Fashion Rocks Pre-Post-Party At Hiro

Joshua Stein · 09/06/07 03:20PM

Through some sort of rift in the time-space continuum caused by Fashion Week, last night we found ourselves at the Condé Nast Fashion Rocks After Party—even though the actual Conde Nast Fashion Rocks party is tonight. Suck on that, Stephen Hawking! Inside, there was a lot of smoke, a few lasers and model Agyness Deyn. Nikola Tamindzic was there taking pictures. His full gallery can be found here.

Julia Allison Has Little Personal Experience With Cheap Dates

Emily Gould · 06/12/07 04:30PM

Let's check in and see how Julia Allison's new gig as Time Out dating columnist is going. Maybe she's dropping dirty secrets about media figure she's semi-seeing or offending us by suggesting that women should whore themselves out for shoes. Or! Maybe she's ... getting so lazy that she's calling in Neel Shah and his College Humor compatriots to pinch-hit. Oh, Julia. Already?

Page Six No Longer On Team Maer

Choire · 03/12/07 09:24AM

We thought there might be some sort of gossipland Page Six-Radar Freundschaft society. After all, Radar's #2, Chris Tennant, was a Page Six freelancer for some time. Apparently, no! This morning's P6 feels fit to savage the mag over a six-minute voicemail they received, in which an "insipid brainstorming session was captured." (BTW, we're going with Paula Froelich's voicemail. Though! We're sure Richard Johnson misses all his calls, due to deafness or something. Last time we saw him on the street, we screamed "HEY RICHARD!" Not even a reptilian blink. He was probably just super-jazzed, as he was on his way to his weekly basketball practice. Anyway!) Whether or not Radar rips its story stylings from Details, we're sure Maer is thrilled that the Sixers ran with a photo this flattering. Also, a crisp new Lincoln to whomever identifies the "clumsy editor accidentally dialed out on his cellphone during the editorial confab." Neel Shah, call us!

'Radar' Fella Mistaken For High Roller On CNN

Emily Gould · 02/15/07 03:40PM

So remember that millionaire speed-dating thing we discussed earlier? Our former intern Neel Shah, now Radar's assistant editor, was there, clearly working. The CNN ladies mistook him for one of the dude participants, who all had to prove their financial bona fides in order to gain admittance. Enjoy being thought of as rich now, Neel. In a few more months, chances are you'll be laughing all the way to the unemployment office.

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Fashion Week: Heatherette

Emily Gould · 02/07/07 12:10PM

Gawker shutterperson Nikola Tamindzic followed the yellow brick road to Heatherette's Wizard of Oz themed show, which starred Lydia Hearst as Dorothy and Amanda Lepore as Glinda the Good Witch. You read that right: Wizard of Oz themed. "We just need to figure out a way to gay it up a bit. But HOW?" we imagine Richie Rich brainstorming. Anyway, Neel Shah was there, which pretty much says it all. If this is somehow still not enough for you, Nikola's got your gay gay gay ass covered with more here.