The Greatest Prank (Involving Rupert Murdoch) of All Time

Max Read · 07/13/10 08:58PM

We all love office pranks. Who doesn't like to scare their co-workers into fearing for their livelihoods? But we've never seen anything like this. We present to you: The Greatest Rupert Murdoch Prank of All Time

Now Even You Can Dress Like Neel Shah

Hamilton Nolan · 01/21/10 02:55PM

In your cool-person Thursday media column: Neel Shah's style secrets exposed, a job appears in the media(!), the NYT's web delay explained, and Donald Graham doesn't give a fuck about your hit pieces.

The Wintour Of Our Discontent

Foster Kamer · 06/20/09 09:15AM

The infamous Vogue editrix loses her party planner, House as a tranny-nun, Governator Ahnold's real-life action sequence, a sad Hollywood divorce, midgets, gays, nerdy Jews, scary Americans, more Gossip Girl action, and Gary Busey. Presenting your Saturday morning Gossip Roundup:

The Exceeding Exhaustion Of Susan Boyle

Foster Kamer · 06/14/09 10:30AM

Susan Boyle's "exhausted" again, Dustin Lance Black's sorry, Cindy Adams knows where you should hide your cash, Prince Harry's dating a floozy, and Salman Rushdie's a third boob. Oh, and: Ron Burkle and whores. Here's your Sunday morning gossip roundup:

Twitter Founder Brags About Facial

Ryan Tate · 06/11/09 07:32PM

A Dow Jones writer spanked the Washington Post; Evan Williams downplayed his kind of awesome "pre-cancerous" skin removal; and Ron Burkle drowned his problems in models. The Twitterati were lively!

Dear Loser: You'll Never Be A Pick-Up Artist

Ryan Tate · 02/14/09 05:00PM

Sure, other writers have gone to seduction classes undercover. But how many were female? And how many told their male classmates they'll always be "schlubby" beta males?

The CollegeHumor Show's Premiere Party

Richard Lawson · 02/06/09 12:25PM

Those fratty nerds at CollegeHumor celebrated the launch of their new MTV television show last night, in the lobby of their big boss Barry Diller's IAC building in Chelsea. Here are some photos.

Neel Shah To Page Six

Hamilton Nolan · 11/07/08 01:53PM

We hear that Neel Shah—former Gawker intern-turned prolific (and recently laid-off) Radar writer and occasional magical berry salesman—is joining the staff of ever-grinding gossip machine Page Six next week. Thus marks the completion of Neel's whirlwind full circuit through all of the stages of the gossip-based media, leaving spinning social vortexes in his wake that scientists assure us will not create universe-eating black holes. Upon reaching P6 he will receive a banana, a bottle of water, a blanket, a winner's ribbon, and the last media paycheck in New York.

Why Is Radar's Neel Shah Selling Berries?

Sheila · 06/05/08 01:24PM

The Radar magazine contributor is something of a man about town, but even we were surprised to see him show up at our office, delivering the aforementioned magic berries that Hamilton ordered, like a common coke dealer. So we asked him what was up! Does the pay at Radar suck? "Nah... beats freelancing," he says. We got the rundown on his berry-selling ring: