Ned Vizzini's Top 4 Antidepressants

Emily Gould · 03/06/07 02:40PM

No wonder YA author Ned Vizzini posted such a crazy help-wanted ad on Craigslist: he is super crazy! Apparently an official website, a blog, a MySpace and several books could not contain all his deep thoughts about his own craziness, because he recently moderated a panel about "Straight Talk About Antidepressants" over at Siren magazine. Ned says he has been prescribed Wellbutrin, Zoloft, and Effexor over the years, but he's currently happily dosed with so-hot-right-now Lamictal. It's made him feel "a lot better," but he does worry that, when he gets older, it might cause him to have "flipper babies." Now that's a Babble essay we can't wait to read!

Ned Vizzini Found Himself A Female Assistant!

Emily Gould · 02/28/07 04:37PM

Good news for twentysomething teen phenom Ned Vizzini! Remember his search for an assistant on Craigslist? Well, he found one. Her name's Catherine (we think Cathy with a C not Kathy with a K) and, from what we can tell from her phone manner, she meets Ned's requirement that his assistant be "female." She also sounds young and, frankly, scared: "I don't think he'd want me talking to you about that. Why don't you just email him?" she quavered when we asked the most harmless of questions. She's also, apparently, lazy: she still hasn't gotten around to updating the press section of Ned's Official Website, which we'd suggested should be her first duty! We think there are a couple new clips that should go in there, Cathy.

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David Seaman To Ned Vizzini: Douch!

Emily Gould · 02/14/07 01:31PM

As we delved into the "Ned Vizzini looks for a female assistant on Craigslist" scandal, one tipster's email stood out from the rest. David Seaman is the "author" (we're thinking "compiler" is probs more accurate, but hey, you be the judge!) of The Real Meaning of Life, an anthology of random messageboard postings on that topic. He just wanted to make sure we had all the info before we judged Ned too harshly.

Ned Vizzini Is The Craigslist Park Slope Novelist

Emily Gould · 02/13/07 09:17AM

Yesterday, we asked you to help us ID the novelist looking for a "female" personal assistant with "experience in being a personal assistant to a writer, filmmaker, artist or similar person in a creative field" on Craigslist. Some of you threw out wildly hopeful suggestions — yes, we wish that Jonathan "Saffy" Foer and Nicole Krauss used Craigslist too, but their assistants have assistants to look for new assistants for them. Fortunately, we live in an era when writer types obsessively document every detail of their lives and transactions online; aging teen phenom Ned Vizzini is no exception.