Iran Bans Necklaces, Shorts on Men

Max Read · 06/14/11 09:46PM

The Iranian government, which last year banned the mullet, calling it a "decadent western [hair]cut," is reportedly deploying some 70,000 literal fashion police to enforce the newest style Dos and Don'ts of the "moral security plan." For women, this means no more loose-fitting headscarves, tight jackets or exposed leg skin; for men, no necklaces and no shorts. (Also, no "glamorous hairstyles.") Last year, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad voiced his disapproval of the recent crackdown; earlier this year, the Iranian parliament attempted to ban dog ownership. [The Guardian; image via AP]

Medallions Protect Man From Gunshot Death

Lauri Apple · 06/07/11 03:10AM

A Savannah, Georgia store owner survived a Sunday morning robbery attempt thanks to the hefty religious medallions he wore around his chest, which proved very useful in deflecting bullets.