Did You Lose a Sheep in Christmas Sweater? Nebraska Has It

Hudson Hongo · 12/09/14 07:30PM

Hey, drunk people: Did you decorate a sheep for Christmas this weekend? Did you then lose that sheep? If so, please report your drunken self to the Nebraska Humane Society and pick up your Christmas sheep.

Parade Float Features Outhouse as "Obama's Presidential Library"

Aleksander Chan · 07/06/14 08:49PM

One of the more popular floats at this year's Fourth of July parade in Norfolk, Neb. was of a ghoulish, skeletal figure propped up against an outhouse that had ""OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY" emblazoned on the side. According to the committee that approved the float for the parade, it was purely "political satire."

Police Union Uses Video of Black Toddler to Attack "The Thug Cycle"

Adam Weinstein · 01/06/14 05:44PM

A "terrible cycle of violence and thuggery" is ravaging Omaha, Nebraska, according to the Omaha Police Officers Association. What is a thug, though? Well, the police boosters know one when they see one. In this case, it's a diapered toddler in a crazy cellphone video.

Man Beaten and Dragged Off Bus By Driver

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 04/13/13 12:50PM

A man in Lincoln, Nebraska was brutally beaten by a bus driver after asking the driver a question about the route of the bus. The video of the attack, which was released by the City of Lincoln, shows a 40-year-old man asking the driver a question. After a brief pause, the bus driver screams at the man about asking the question, and then proceeds to stop the bus and pummel the passenger, before savagely dragging him out of the bus and into the road.