Vanessa Minillo is No Longer Nick Lachey's Everything

The Cajun Boy · 06/24/09 06:28AM

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo bite the dust, Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend will be on the next season of J&K+8, Lindsay Lohan tries to pick up Justin Timberlake in a club and Megan Fox almost burns down a Louisiana town.

Revenge of the Reporters

Hamilton Nolan · 01/27/09 02:51PM

Tuesday is a great day for a media column: The NYT's Stuart Elliott will not be stonewalled, hipster lady mag Missbehave stops printing, and Yahoo should either fund quality journalism or Gawker's next party.

Entourage Star Overdoses On, Uh, Mercury

Ryan Tate · 12/18/08 07:17AM

Jeremy Piven can't make any more curtain calls because he was poisoned with (ahem) "mercury," people are assualting Bernie Madoff's broker now and tender meat reuintes J.Lo and Mark Anthony.

Cuts at Newsday, Rush & Molloy Go Weekly

cityfile · 12/05/08 12:06PM

Newsday is slashing 100 jobs. [Newsday]
♦ More on the cutbacks at CNBC and some cost-cutting measures at OK! [NYP]
Bill O'Reilly is giving up his syndicated radio show. [NYDN]
♦ The New Yorker's Rick Hertzberg was ambushed by Bill O'Reilly operatives outside his apartment building. Confusion and hilarity ensues. [HuffPo]
♦ Oprah Winfrey was named the most powerful woman in entertainment as part of the Hollywood Reporter's "Power 100" issue. [THR]
♦ Neal Boulton, the attention-seeking former editor of Men's Fitness, is writing a book about life as a bisexual. [P6]
Lauren Zalaznick says that NBC is not interesting in selling iVillage. [WWD]
George Rush and Joanna Molloy are stepping down as daily gossips for the Daily News, but they'll stay on with the paper with a Sunday column. [NYDN]

How 'Pansexual' Neal Boulton Pranked His Way To Celebrity

Ryan Tate · 12/05/08 06:18AM

Neal Boulton is reportedly orgasmic. The editor of a magazine for gays and a website for bis signed a book deal (with an agent) and claims to be drowning in reality show offers following a profile in Page Six Magazine. Everyone wants to screw and/or sign the sexual libtertine, supposedly, because of his oh-so-exciting and freewheeling life. But all indications are that his most famous antics were manufactured in the press. Take his alleged macking with Rolling Stone Jann Wenner, for example, Boulton's claim to "pansexual" fame.

Neal Boulton Claims He's Only Having Sex with His Wife These Days

Sheila · 12/01/08 11:25AM

It was only a matter of time before Page Six Magazine tackled this important relationship issue: the open marriage between bisexual, uber-liberated Genre (and formerly Men's Fitness) editor Neal Boulton and his equally open-minded wife, Claire. The article is called "Secrets of an Open Marriage," but the endearing Boulton, who pursues any type of publicity as fervently as he kisses hot men (like Rolling Stone editor Jan Wenner), doesn't seem like he can keep any secret for long. However!

Bisexual Editor Launches Website for 'Pansexual' Men

Sheila · 10/20/08 04:05PM

Neal Boulton, the motorcyle ridin', guitar-playin' editor of gay magazine Genre, is expanding his unique... brand, with a website that's the " first and only pansexual sex & relationships site for ALL men." It's called BastardLife. "I can't believe how you guys make [Boulton] out to be some kind of American hero," a jilted lady-love of his once e-mailed us. Yeah, but how can we not? The dude once wrote us a letter asking us to please, please explain to girls everywhere that he's not hitting on them—just friendly! Anyway, the website launched over the weekend, and it asks the hard questions: "Who feels David Beckham would be a great lay?!"The site has ten posts so far—all uploaded by Boulton himself. "Not as good at this as you yet—but what the fuck. I have two generous investors thank god. Like John Lennon said, "I can't be what I am not," and THIS is what I am," he told us. THIS = the following subjects: strap-on sex (for straights!), erection tips n' tricks, hottie pinups (male and female), and advice on female orgasms from a lesbian. Thanks for that last one, Neal.

Gay Mag Editor To Cross Over to MTV?

Sheila · 09/30/08 03:48PM

Hey, has somebody confused Neal Boulton's e-mail address with mine? 'Cause we get a lot of messages for and about the admittedly charming, bisexual editor of Genre mag. Whether it's bitter screeds from angry ex-lovers, or girls who saw him at the bar last night and felt it in their hearts to send us a message (encouraged by whom, I wonder?) telling us that he's cute, we have seen no shortage of Neal drama up in here. Item! Boulton's been seen leaving 1633 Broadway—home of MTV—several times. Is he developing a pilot with MTV? He'd like us to know that he might be. "What's up darlin," the e-mail begins.(Neal, I am only swayed by cash and alcohol, dollface!)

Bisexual Editor's Gay Marriage Slam

Ryan Tate · 08/26/08 05:33AM

Sure, it makes sense that gay media mogul Paul Colichman, owner of Out and the Advocate, is taking some flack because he doesn't support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. To gay rights advocates, after all, Obama is far preferable to his opponent. But Colichman's critics would do well to distance themselves from comrade-in-arms Neal Boulton, the Genre editor who slammed Colichman in Page Six today and declared his own support for Obama "whether he says he's for gay marriage or not." Pansexual playboy Boulton should realize that's easy for him to say, but for Colichman and his gay partner it's an entirely different story. Boulton is already married to a woman. The marriage is one of some devotion, and a natural outgrowth of Boulton's attraction to women. And it's hard to imagine the editor settling down with a man.