The Scandal at Baylor Makes it Clear Penn State Did Nothing to Change College Football

Jordan Sargent · 05/27/16 10:41AM

In 2011, the most awful scandal in the history of college athletics was exposed when it was revealed that Jerry Sandusky, a longtime coach at Penn State, had groomed and sexually abused teenage boys in the locker room of the school’s hallowed football stadium over a period decades, and that further the abuse had been covered up by university officials who deemed the sanctity of their football program to be paramount to any form of tangible justice for the victims.

​NCAA to Restore 111 Wins to Former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno

Taylor Berman · 01/16/15 01:57PM

As part of a settlement with the college, the NCAA announced on Friday that it will restore 111 wins to Penn State and former head coach Joe Paterno. The wins, which were stripped following the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal, will make Paterno the winningest coach in Division I college football history.

Here Is the Video of FSU's Jameis Winston Stealing Crab Legs

Adam Weinstein · 05/15/14 12:59PM

Jameis Winston, the Heisman winner, national title champ, and Florida State football hero, can do no wrong according to his biggest boosters—at least, not without incontrovertible evidence. Well, here's some evidence that he's a dumb supermarket thief, if nothing else.

CBS' Harry Smith Has The Worst NCAA Bracket Ever

Mike Byhoff · 03/15/10 11:35AM

It's no secret that winning an NCAA tournament comes down to a bit of luck. But by the looks of his Final Four picks, Harry Smith is going to need Northern Iowa to pull a few upsets.

Liberal-Elite Eight: March Media-ness Resumes

Liutrain · 03/24/07 03:17PM

Last week we tried to explain higher-education hoop dreams in terms of higher-circulation news teams. Sixty-four squads (65 including Niagara's vanquished play-in foe Gawker) started out on the quest for media supremacy (and our famed dog-hugging-cat trophy), and now only eight remain. Surely, there's a lot of money riding on your bracket, so without further delay, a recap of the last week's action.

College Basketball Explained: Presenting March Media-ness 2007!

jliu · 03/17/07 06:09PM

Americans are going crazy this weekend talking about underdogs-this and office pools-that. Good thing you don't live in America! But in case you find yourself waking up in an Irish stupor west of the ol' Hudson, remember that college basketball can be totally fun...if you imagine all those teams are actually media outlets! Here, we see the tenacious Marty Peretz of eighth-seeded Marquette/New Republic battle for a rebound against a nicely bronzed Katrina vanden Heuvel of ninth-seeded Michigan State/The Nation in a hard-fought East regional game. Your interest looks piqued. Still, you want to see a full bracket, right? A full bracket follows, plus first-round analysis.