Hypocritical Piracy Alarmists Are Big Into Piracy

Ryan Tate · 12/14/11 09:46PM

Major media companies say online piracy is such a problem that the federal government should adopt a draconian system of blockades and blacklists to stop infringement. But maybe they should first focus on the pirates they pay and employ, who've just been exposed torrenting the hell out of competitors' movies and TV shows.

FCC Commissioner Becomes Comcast Lobbyist After Approving Comcast Deal

Max Read · 05/11/11 07:52PM

You were, likely, worried about the ability of Comcast-NBC to push effectively for its interests on Capitol Hill. Sorry — we mean, push for the interests of American consumers. But worry no more! The cable giant has hired Meredith Attwell Baker for "a top DC lobbying job," and we have a feeling she's going to do a great job. You've heard of Baker — she used to be one of the Republican commissioners of the FCC. Four months ago, she voted to approve the NBC-Comcast merger? But that was four whole months ago, so Comcast probably forgot about it before they hired her.

Peacock-Killer Jeff Zucker Must Go

Pareene · 01/13/10 01:25PM

Many years ago, NBC decided that the guy who came up with the idea of doing concerts on The Today Show would make a great network head. Now they are in last place. Except in jokes, where they are first.

Bow Before the Comcast-NBC Universal Megalith

Adrian Chen · 12/04/09 01:09AM

Actually save it for when the deal actually goes through. But that time has moved closer now that Comcast announced a $30 billion deal to take over NBC Universal from GE. The next big question: Are regulators going to flip?

The Peter Chernin-Comcast Conspiracy Is Revealed

Richard Rushfield · 10/20/09 01:33PM

For the past few months Hollywood's favorite two guessing games have been: Who's going to take over NBC/Universal and what's going to happen to ex-Fox chief Peter Chernin? Well, yesterday the two games collided in a paradigm-exploding pile-up.

Universal Tries New Spin

Andrew Belonsky · 10/06/09 12:31AM

Ever-struggling Universal, which produced the horrible Bruno and Land of the Lost, will replace its two co-chairmen to save itself. But don't worry, says President Ron Meyer, "We are not in any chaotic state." If you say so. [NYT]