Brian Williams Uses Bullhorn to Stop Jon Stewart from Mocking His Fire Alarm Snafu

Matt Cherette · 11/30/11 11:49PM

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams was forced to address the nation yesterday with the addition of a faulty fire alarm, which blared loudly in the background for nearly two-thirds of the broadcast. Even though Williams remained largely unfazed by the disturbance, the incident served as fodder for Jon Stewart on tonight's Daily Show—that is, until his own segment was interrupted by a loud siren. (I suggest it was Brian Williams, in the kitchen, with the bullhorn.)

Jon Stewart Criticizes GE, Obama Over Tax Issues

Matt Cherette · 03/28/11 10:20PM

Tonight, during Jon Stewart's "I Give Up!" segment, the Daily Show host discussed the news that GE paid no federal income tax for 2010, despite $14.2 billion in profits. Stewart also took aim at President Obama and NBC News.

What Does George W. Bush Like to Read on His iPad?

Matt Cherette · 11/07/10 07:05PM

Former President George W. Bush's interview with Matt Lauer airs on NBC tomorrow night, but tonight's Nightly News gave us a tech/gossip-focused preview. Apparently, Bush has an iPad—he likes to read gossip on it! Find out what inside.

Will You Buy Tunes From Amazon?

abalk2 · 05/17/07 08:54AM
  • Amazon to open digital music store that will only sell DRM-free music—so copy away, as often as you like! Our heroes! Suck it, iTunes. [LAT]

Remainders: Humpingly Ironic

Doree Shafrir · 04/02/07 05:47PM
  • Alanis Morissette covers "My Humps" and makes us fall in love with her all over again, for real. [BWE]

Media Bubble: Is It Zell By A Hair?

abalk2 · 04/02/07 08:30AM
  • Sam Zell is the probable winner in the battle for Tribune. News of the end of this fucking story could come as early as this morning. [LAT]

Brian Williams: Regular Guy, Likes The Shins

Doree Shafrir · 02/15/07 04:27PM

NBC News daddy Brian Williams is profiled in the March/April Men's Vogue, and we have to admit that even our dirty hearts were touched. It made us think that Williams is that anchor we've been waiting for—someone to really love. He's like the anti-Couric!

'NBC Nightly News' Tries Advertising Monogamy

Chris Mohney · 12/05/06 05:30PM

Monday night's broadcast of NBC Nightly News featured a modern incarnation of old-school advertelevision — the entire broadcast was "underwritten" by consumer electronics concern Philips, resulting in fewer commercials, thus longer segments. The show only had to stop for three commercials, totaling a scant 1:15 rather than the typical 7:00 of ads for drugs and sensible sedans. Newswatchers were so thrilled with the change that they're buying up new pacemaker batteries by the gross, even if Brian Williams had to pause and briefly demonstrate the BG2020 Men's Bodygroomer by trimming his taint.

NBC "Breaks" Story on Internet Booze, Toy Sales

Chris Mohney · 08/10/06 12:45PM

We got all excited about Lea Thompson's promised blockbuster expose on online liquor sales for last night's NBC Nightly News, but somehow we missed the actual segment. This is what particularly intrigued us: "When we Googled online alcohol we were stunned to see a toy site come up, through which, with the click of a mouse, you could order liquor." With the mere click of a mouse, you say? Normally this would just be another case of Google handily replacing actual journalism — on a scare-story that went stale some time ago, natch — but we're damned if we can find this booze-selling "toy" site Thompson is talking about. Closest example we see when Googling "online alcohol" is "Dinky Drinks," which, while sporting a colorful kid-friendly design, is also cheerfully upfront about its liquorlicious wares. If you saw the report and know of the toy-drinks site in question, drop us a line. Because we, uh, need some toys. Of course, Googling "online sex" brings up a toy-related business as the first hit. Instant trend piece!