Let's Play "Who Goes Nazi"

Leah Finnegan · 10/28/14 02:25PM

Yesterday, the New York Times revealed that the CIA and FBI used "at least" 1,000 Nazis as informants and spies during the Cold War. Many of the Nazis were allowed to live in America, as if they were not Nazis but upstanding American citizens, thus revealing what many of us have long known to be true: There are Nazis among us.

Nazi Germany's "Perfect Aryan" Baby Was Jewish

Andy Cush · 07/02/14 09:23AM

In the 1930s, the Nazi party began issuing propaganda featuring the image of a "perfect Aryan" child. If you were looking to build a master race of adorable white people, you could do a lot worse: Hessy Taft, the model, had round eyes, a charmingly surprised expression, and a perfectly tousled tuft of dark hair on her head. She was also Jewish.

Reminder: Ann Coulter Is a Troll

Hamilton Nolan · 07/01/14 08:47AM

Lanky Aryan Ann Coulter was on TV yesterday smiling gleefully about the fact that her recent column on soccer being a dumb, un-American sport provoked a tidal wave of outraged responses in the media. Her glee is perfectly justified.

Adam Weinstein · 06/23/14 01:10PM

Neo-nazi hipsters. How long before they make the jump from Heidelberg to Williamsburg?

Adam Weinstein · 03/05/14 01:57PM

"I don't have to read the Heidegger assignment, because he was an angry anti-Semite Nazi" is now officially an acceptable response to your undergraduate existentialism professor.