"It's More Relevant Than It Should Be": Green Room Director Jeremy Saulnier on His Skinhead Horror Bloodbath in Backwater Oregon

Rich Juzwiak · 04/14/16 03:07PM

Director Jeremy Saulnier wasn’t trying to reflect today’s political climate when he set out to make Green Room—it just kind of happened. The gruesome horror thriller—in which a down-and-out punk band plays a Nazi skinhead venue in backwoods Oregon and finds themselves fighting for their lives—opened last year at Cannes. Since then, much has happened to breathe relevancy into a throwback punks vs. skins narrative. Namely: Donald Trump and his legion of racist supporters.

Declassified Documents: U.S. Military Bombed the Nazi Germany Oil Refinery That Fred Koch Helped Build

Andy Cush · 01/18/16 10:42AM

Among the revelations in Dark Money, Jane Mayer’s expansive new book on the Koch brothers and the rise of contemporary American conservatism, is that Fred Koch, the billionaire duo’s father, once helped build an oil refinery in Nazi Germany. The New York Times broke that item last week, but left out a key detail from the book: allied forces bombed the refinery during World War II.

Germans (Still) Can't Get Enough of Mein Kampf

Ashley Feinberg · 01/11/16 10:19AM

With Mein Kampf back on German bookshelves for the first time in 70 years, Germans are buying up the murderous manifesto faster than even online retailers can churn it out. In less than a week of being back in its native tongue, Mein Kampf is already sold out in Germany.

Anne Frank's Diary and Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf Both Enter the Public Domain on Friday

Brendan O'Connor · 12/30/15 11:40PM

A copyright fight is brewing in Europe this week as the deadline after which two key WWII-era texts will fall within the public domain steadily approaches. In Europe, a book becomes public domain 70 years after the author’s death, on the first day of January. This Friday, January 1st, both Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf will enter the public domain.

Donald Trump Campaign Image Celebrates America With Photo of Nazi Troops

Jordan Sargent · 07/14/15 03:15PM

Running for president doesn’t have to be this hard: Today Donald Trump posted a campaign poster of sorts to Twitter. It features a stylized graphic of the American flag overlaid across Trump’s face, the hashtag #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, a plea to “put the U.S. back into business!” aaaaaaand a stock image of what appears to be war reenactors wearing replica Nazi uniforms.