Adam Moss Has Chocolate* on His Face, and Other Minor Occurrences at the National Magazine Awards (Update)

Hamilton Nolan · 05/04/12 10:55AM

At the National Magazine Awards ceremony in Manhattan's Marriott Marquis hotel ballroom, famed New York Magazine editor Adam Moss took the stage with chocolate on his face, almost certainly from the Chocolate Pot du Créme dessert course served only minutes before. It had gotten into the stubble under his lower lip in a smear that covered a goodly part of his chin, giving him the appearance of a man casually accepting an award for Best Magazine Section just after being punched repeatedly in the mouth. The three sizable television screens placed at the back of the stage enlarged Moss's chocolatey visage so that it could be clearly seen from the back of the room. Though his cacao calamity was the subject of many whispers amongst the assemblage, its existence did not appear to register in the consciousness of Adam Moss whatsoever. He left the stage without incident.

Friday Is Media Layoff Day, Again

Hamilton Nolan · 11/04/11 02:19PM

In your finally Friday media column: layoffs hit the NYDN and The Early Show, Business Insider's horrific possible future, an Occupied reporter set free, and the National Magazine Awards make progress.

How Long Before PBS Is Just as Commercialized As Everyone Else?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/23/11 02:09PM

In your gloomy Monday media column: Troubles at PBS, a National Magazine Award-winning story re-examined, ladies love Nooks, Newsweek staffers are constantly griping (with good reason!), and Reuters gets a new op-ed editor.

The Interminable National Magazine Awards

Hamilton Nolan · 05/10/11 08:31AM

Last night was the semi-glamorous ceremony of the National Magazine Awards, "The Ellies," the longest night in magazines. Let's relive it!

Fact: Having 'New York' in Magazine Title Is Guarantee that It's Good

Hamilton Nolan · 04/05/11 02:00PM

In your dreary Tuesday media column: the National Magazine Awards announce nominees, News Corp's Shine acquisition is complete, Jeff Greenfield needs a new job, the Brit phone hacking scandal continues, content farms get aspirational, and media launches still exist.

Two Presidents, Three Books

cityfile · 03/19/09 11:33AM

• Former president George W. Bush has signed a deal with Crown to publish a memoir. Rumor has it he landed a $7 million advance for the book. [AP, NYP]
• For his part, Barack Obama has two books in the works with Crown. He plans to release an abridged, youth-oriented version of Dreams From My Father as well as write a nonfiction book once he leaves office. [CBS News]
• CNBC's keeping it classy. Larry Kudlow set a dollar bill on fire today. [CJR]
Jim Cramer is still rattling on about Jon Stewart. [Gawker]
• NBC is planning to launch a "singing competition series" that sounds a lot like—yes, you guessed it—Fox's American Idol. [THR]
• CBS is keeping Two and a Half Men on the air through 2012. [NYT]
• The finalists for the Man Booker International Prize include E. L. Doctorow, V. S. Naipaul, Joyce Carol Oates, Mario Vargas Llosa and Alice Munro. [NYT]
• The noms for the National Magazine Awards are out. [AdAge]
• The cable channel Starz would like to remind you that it exists. [NYT]
• How screwed is the newspaper biz? Here's a pic that sums it up nicely. [BI]

Two Ellie-Winning Stories

Ryan Tate · 05/02/08 03:39AM

Here are two Good Reads, officially crowned as such tonight at the National Magazine Awards: Top feature story "You Have Thousands Of Angels Around You," from Atlanta magazine, is about "how one young woman lost her family, survived a war, escaped two continents, and through the kindness of strangers found a lifelong home in Atlanta." It was also endorsed as "pretty fucking amazing" by commenter lizzybennet. There's also "China's Instant Cities," which won the reporting prize for National Geographic, and is about "the entrepreneurial frenzy behind China's dramatic economic growth." As the Times noted, the award was groundbreaking because the magazine usually wins prizes for its photography. If any of the other winners have thrilled you, feel free to post in the comments (or email