The National Enquirer Has Been Right Before

Sam Biddle · 03/25/16 03:50PM

It’s easy to dismiss today’s National Enquirer story about the alleged secret, highly active extramarital sex life of Ted Cruz, because, hey, it’s just some crappy tabloid that makes up all of its stories, right? And it’s true: They’ve printed a lot of fantasy and nonsense. But on some stories—including some huge ones—the Enquirer has been very right.

Tom Scocca · 02/25/14 04:52PM

The Times tells the gripping and unreal tale of David Bar Katz, who found Philip Seymour Hoffman's body, was quoted in the National Enquirer as the actor's lover and drug buddy, and will now start a playwrights' foundation with quick settlement money after the tabloid realized its source was an impostor.

Michele Bachmann 'Didn't Give 100 Percent to Cheerleading'

Maureen O'Connor · 07/22/11 01:45PM

In a hard-hitting exposé of Michele Bachmann's high school cheer squad, the always politically relevant National Enquirer reveals that, if America were a cheerocracy, she would never be president:

Andy Cohen Wants Anderson Cooper to Be His Boyfriend

Brian Moylan · 07/20/11 12:07PM

I finally pried last week's copy of the National Enquirer from Maureen O'Connor's cold dead hands and found this funny article that says Bravo honcho and America's gayest homosexual Andy Cohen wants to get gay married to Anderson Cooper, America's least eligible gay bachelor. Oh, sweet love!

Johnny Depp Has Too Many Hats

Richard Lawson · 05/18/11 12:53PM

Scandalous news comes today that Johnny Depp, world-renowned Hat Person of the Year, has too many hats. It seems the National Enquirer (so here's your grain of salt) is reporting that Depp's long-time lover Vanessa Paradis has ordered him to get rid of some of the many, many hats he owns. There are too many hats!