Scenes From Today's Martin Luther King Memorial Dedication

Lauri Apple · 10/16/11 04:39PM

With tens of thousands of people occupying the streets, squares, Citibanks, and other public places of America to demand economic human rights for all, the dedication of a memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. seems like good timing—even if the memorial itself is kinda weird.

Awful Looking Nic Cage Remake May Find an Audience After All!

Natasha VC · 07/29/09 07:50PM

Remember how you emailed a friend that trailer for some failed movie? One that by all appearances looked like a total misfire and couldn't get a distributor? Even though thespian powerhouse Nic Cage was the lead? Remember how you laughed?

Time to Blame the Media: Suicide at 'Miami Herald'

Jessica · 07/28/05 07:52AM

A little off our "beat," but pertinent nevertheless: Late yesterday afternoon, suspended Miami Commissioner Art Teele walked into the lobby of the Miami Herald and committed suicide. After instructing a security guard give a message to Jim DeFede (asking the columnist to tell Teele's wife that he loved her), Teele pulled a pistol from his bag and shot himself in the head. Later that night, Jim DeFede was fired from the Herald after he told superiors that he had recorded a phone conversation with Teele without Teele's permission. Interestingly enough, however, it was Miami New Times reporter Francisco Alvarado who wrote the following introduction to a front-page story on Wednesday: