The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of the GOP Anger Morons

Hamilton Nolan · 01/26/16 02:16PM

Donald Trump winning an election? We’ve come to accept that bizarre possibility as plausible. But telling a pollster that you view Donald Trump as electable? Now that’s crazy.

Dumb Hicks Are America's Greatest Threat

Hamilton Nolan · 11/19/15 10:09AM

Many of America’s political leaders are warning of the dangers posed by Syrian refugees. They are underestimating, though, the much greater danger: dumbass hicks, in charge of things.

Look Out, America—Here Come Young People!

Pareene · 05/27/08 01:21PM

Millennials! Who are they and what do they want from us? They Facebook their MySpaces all day and Twitter their iPhones all night, and they have terrible manners! Have they come to take us to a Home? Morley Safer investigated on last Sunday's 60 Minutes. [In a repeat, apparently!] The video of the segment is below the jump. It will terrify you! These kids have tattoos and still expect to hold jobs and there are 80 million of them.