Christina Aguilera Arrested for Public Drunkenness

Maureen O'Connor · 03/01/11 10:51AM

Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend got sloshed, then arrested, last night. An actress names her children "Ptolemy" and "Winter." Leonardo DiCaprio trades "tender" kisses with a man. Tuesday gossip spent the night in a drunk tank.

Hesher: Beautiful People Looking Ugly

Richard Lawson · 02/21/11 01:40PM

Here's a trailer for the indie film Hesher, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a man with a partial shirt allergy, and Natalie Portman as his big-spectacled potential love interest. Gordon-Levitt's character, Hesher, stumbles into the life of a lonely little boy with a depressed father (Rainn Wilson) and a daffy grandma. It's not entirely clear who Portman's character is, but we do know that she wears ugly glasses!

Natalie Portman Sparks New York Panic

Richard Lawson · 02/08/11 06:29PM

New York is full of actresses right now, some of them relaxing, others working. But all of them, as we've interpreted from these paparazzi photos, are thinking about Ashton Kutcher. First up is Natalie Portman who, while waiting for a cab, remembers what it was like filming No Strings Attached. [Splash]

Britney Spears Walks Down the Aisle, and Other Rituals

Maureen O'Connor · 01/31/11 10:31AM

Britney Spears overshadows the bride at a wedding. Claire Danes flies coach, and won't stop bragging about it. Charlie Sheen's rehab will take three months. David Arquette is done with rehab. Monday gossip is momentous.

The Complete Guide to Natalie Portman's Laugh

Brian Moylan · 01/20/11 02:40PM

In case you missed the Golden Globes on Sunday, Natalie Portman told a not-funny joke during her acceptance speech and then let out a horrendous cackle. Naturally the hivemind of the internet latched onto it and a meme's been born.

Natalie Portman's Nerdy Laugh: An Appreciation

Whitney Jefferson · 01/17/11 04:45PM

What did you think of Natalie Portman laughing at her own joke during her acceptance speech? Many dudes on the internet have called it a boner-killer, or did it just make you love her that much more?

Transsexual Mistress: Kelly Osbourne's Fiance Liked My Penis

Maureen O'Connor · 01/17/11 11:13AM

A transsexual woman explains Kelly Osbourne's Twitter freak-out: Luke was in love with a woman with a penis. Rob Pattinson calls his own naked image "very pretty." Diddy hits the sauce. Monday gossip is full of surprises.