Overweight Karate: The Last Taboo

Hamilton Nolan · 01/21/10 03:28PM

Nat Geo has a fine television show called Taboo, which last night explored the American obesity epidemic. It included a segment on the 'Miss Plus America' pageant. One contestant's skill was karate. Here, a clip of that skill. Taboo: destroyed.

Cable: The Old New Big Thing

Hamilton Nolan · 06/12/08 01:49PM

TV is dying, right? We read about it online. Kids these days spend all their time on YouTube, and television is left to geriatrics watching Depends ads, right? But no! One word, friends: Cable. Just today, news came out that the executives at Discovery Communications, home of the Discovery Channel, are some of the highest paid in all of the media—their CEO took home $20 million, right up there with the Viacoms and Time Warners of the world. How did little old cable get so rich? Good timing, good programming, and a little bit of luck. Learn and marvel!