The Heeling Begins

Brian Moylan · 05/06/10 06:07PM

[A Nashville clothing store owner sets out some of the city's signature cowboy boots to dry after they were immersed in the flood waters that still plague parts of the city. Image via Getty]

Did Lizzie Grubman Save Young Buck From Suicide?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/10/08 03:56PM

According to an unconfirmed story out of Nashville on a hip hop news site's "rumors" section, rapper Young Buck-a former member of G-Unit and buddy of 50 Cent-tried to commit suicide by swallowing pills. The police came and took him to the hospital, and he's okay. And who saved his life, according to this unconfirmed report? Blond Hamptons-crashing PR queen Lizzie fucking Grubman. If true [UPDATE: We hear that it's not, although we're waiting for official confirmation], this is the weirdest story of the day, or decade. The vital details: