Alarming Statue of a Racist and Horse Perfectly Honors The Confederacy

Sam Biddle · 06/23/15 02:23PM

An allegory of the American South: In 1998, a fierce racist (who also happened to be the former attorney of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassin) named Jack Kershaw created a monument for another bad man, Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest. The resulting statue is so hilariously stupid that we should keep it forever.

Teenhunt Underway After 32 Teens Escape Detention Center in Nashville

Aleksander Chan · 09/02/14 07:23AM

Thirty-two teenage boys escaped from the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center in Nashville Monday night by taking advantage of a "weak spot" in a "anti-climb chain-linked fence"—crawling underneath. Fifteen of the teens either turned themselves in or were found by authorities, CNN reports. A number of the boys, however, remain on the run.

Jacob Clifton · 05/07/14 09:50PM

In-between prestige drama like The Americans and the perfection that is Nashville–which we'll be talking about tomorrow–tonight MTV's got the Catfish season premiere and True Life: I'm A Gay Athlete. Join us at over at Morning After as we learn the truth about some things and the lies about some other things.

Jack White Hates the Black Keys Because They "Copy" Him

Cord Jefferson · 08/02/13 03:37PM

Here's a funny story: White musician heavily influenced by long-dead black musicians hates other white musician heavily influenced by long-dead black musicians. Why? Unoriginality, of course.

TV's Fall Haul: Nashville and Arrow

Rich Juzwiak · 10/11/12 04:10PM

For the next few weeks, we'll be evaluating many of the new fall shows as they air. After a quiet week, a few more new shows are trickling in. It seems like the networks are saving the best for last, but unfortunately, Vanessa Williams' 666 Park Avenue already premiered over a week ago.

This Is The Crap ABC Will Be Shoveling Your Way This Fall

Matt Toder · 05/15/12 11:10PM

Upfronts continue! Today ABC unveiled their fall schedule which fit into the general trends of the year: investing in comedies on Tuesday and opening up Fridays for scripted fare. Even though ABC has some big shows, with legit hits Modern Family and Once Upon A Time, the buzzy Revenge, and the still strong Grey's Anatomy, they have a lot of holes to fill and are trotting out seven new shows either in the fall or a little later. Which will be winners? Which will suck worse than Work It? Let's take a gander.

Reporter Records His Own (Unlawful?) Arrest at Occupy Protest

Lauri Apple · 10/31/11 04:09AM

This YouTube—which quickly becomes audio-only—captures the odd arrest of Jonathan Meador, a Nashville Scene reporter who was covering the October 28 police crackdown on the Occupy Nashville protest when Tennessee Highway Patrol officers arrested him and and charged him with public intoxication and criminal trespass. The officers discuss charging Meador with resisting arrest—even though he doesn't sound like he was resisting arrest.

What Poor Soul Will Replace Katie Couric?

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/11 01:54PM

In your suspicious Monday media column: Katie Couric's future mulled, a racist theater review mocked, the WaPo's redesign criticized, the NYT paywall arrives, and Maer Roshan has a new hobby.

Kelly Clarkson Walks Away from Nashville

Richard Lawson · 10/26/10 09:29AM

The proto-Idol is selling the 4,900 sq.ft. Tennessee home she bought in 2007. At $1.449m, it's actually a good deal, with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. As long as you can look beyond those hazel cabinets in the kitchen.