Woman Sues Church for Refusing to Display Her Dead Husband's NASCAR-Themed, Couch-Shaped Tombstone

Taylor Berman · 03/10/13 10:16PM

Shannon Carr's late husband, Jason Carr, loved watching NASCAR and the Indianapolis Colts from his favorite couch. So when Jason died two years ago in a car accident, his wife decided a fitting tribute would be a $9,600 couch-shaped tombstone engraved with color logos of the Colts and NASCAR. A lovely, touching gesture, right? Maybe, but certainly not according to those in charge of the Catholic cemetery where Jason is now buried.

Nascar Welcomes You, Hispanic People

Hamilton Nolan · 03/20/12 11:11AM

Hey, non-white Americans: Are You Ready for Some Nascar™? You will be exclaiming ¡si! as soon as Nascar gets this big new multimillion-dollar ad campaign underway. The folks at Nascar have big plans to "attract a multicultural fan base (specifically among Hispanics)."

Delightful NASCAR Fans Boo Michelle Obama

Max Read · 11/20/11 04:28PM

First Lady Michelle Obama was a NASCAR Grand Marshal at today's Ford 400 (so was her sidekick, Second Lady Jill Biden), so she naturally received a warm welcome from patriotic NASCAR fans. Kidding! She got booed.

Five NASCAR Drivers Reject White House Invitation

Jim Newell · 09/02/11 11:19AM

President Obama, like he does with all top sports teams or athletes, has invited last year's NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson and the 11 other drivers who competed for the championship to a White House reception next week. Usually this is an invitation that you accept, always, unless you're deathly ill in bed with athlete's butt or whatever it is people catch these days. And yet only seven of the 12 will be attending. Hmm.

The Absurdly Racist Fax a Congresswoman Got for Bashing NASCAR

Adrian Chen · 02/17/11 11:34PM

If you get a fax these days, you know nothing good will come from it. Oh, a fax came for me? Please send it right through the shredder then light it on fire and throw the ashes into a volcano. Because who sends faxes anymore? Racist NASCAR fans, that's who!

SportsNation Embarrasses the Crap out of a NASCAR-Loving Producer

Chris Wyman · 09/17/10 12:24PM

There aren't many NASCAR enthusiasts staffing ESPN's Connecticut headquarters. Thursday, SportsNation had one of the few record his NASCAR thoughts as an "expert opinion," but it was all a ruse to embarrass him in front of NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart.

Bumbling NASCAR Fan Jumps Fence, Steals Sign

Chris Wyman · 08/10/10 11:25AM

This clip from yesterday's SportsNation re-affirms all of our "NASCAR Fan" stereotypes, as if it were a cut scene from Talladega Nights. Seriously, if this guy's name isn't "Bubba" or "Cooter," then I'm Robert E. Lee.

Shaq Takes on Dale Jr, Gets Dusted

nightintern · 08/03/10 09:38PM

Shaq is back to take on the greatest athletes in the world, whether it be in an athletic competition or not. This week Shaq Diesel decided to test himself on a Nascar track against the legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Do Your Hobbies Make You Gay?

Brian Moylan · 05/13/10 02:35PM

Lots of people flipped out over the Wall Street Journal's decision to run a photo of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan playing softball. Were they trying to imply she's a lesbian? Every extracurricular activity comes with a stereotype.

Brad Takes Jolie Woes to Aniston at "Secret" Meeting

Andrew Belonsky · 10/07/09 04:15AM

Are Jennifer and Brad going to reconcile? Will Nancy Grace eat Jon Gosselin's face? Can Levi Johnston get in shape for Playgirl? And why do women find Jeremy Piven attractive? Welcome, inquisitive reader, to your Wednesday morning gossip roundup!