In Huge Shock, NYPD Cop Convicted of Planting Drugs on Innocent People

Max Read · 11/01/11 07:43PM

You might want to sit down for this. Are you sitting down? Okay: an officer in the employ of the New York Police Department was convicted today of planting crack cocaine on two innocent people. Not only that—it's apparently only one episode in a "widespread culture of corruption endemic in [NYPD] drug units." I know. I know! My jaw dropped too!

The Great Columbia Frat Boy Drug-Dealing Ring

Maureen O'Connor · 12/07/10 01:32PM

You know it's a good story when it begins with a narcotics task force called "Operation: Ivy League." After months undercover with kids who are reading the Iliad, the NYPD busted five alleged frat boy drug dealers at Columbia University.

How Bogus Drug Scares Get Started

Matt Harvey · 08/12/10 01:26PM

Bogus drug scares are a mainstay of mainstream media reporting and reactionary parenting. A roundup of the latest in ludicrous drug trends—and look back at how bogus substances have stirred panic for more than a century now—below.

Is Rush Back on the Pills?

Maureen O'Connor · 01/01/10 02:10PM

Was Rush Limbaugh's Hawaiian hospitalization drug-related? This line from a report about his medical crisis raises a flag: "Limbaugh told emergency crews that he was having chest pains and had been taking medication for back trouble."