Leah Beckmann · 05/17/13 09:27AM

Kevin and Marina Krim—the parents of Lulu, 6, and Leo, 2, who were stabbed to death in their Upper West Side apartment by their nanny last October—are expecting a boy. They shared the good news via their Facebook page, the Lulu & Leo Fund, last night.

Robert Kessler · 11/28/12 11:08AM

Alleged "Killer Nanny" Yoselyn Ortega has pleaded not guilty to killing two children in their Upper West Side home.

New York's ‘Killer Nanny’ Is Actually a Very Troubled, Mentally Unhealthy Older Woman

Cord Jefferson · 11/05/12 02:45PM

Now that Yoselyn Ortega, New York's so-called "Killer Nanny," is well enough to speak after stabbing two children in her care to death before stabbing herself, she has officially been charged with two counts of murder. Unfortunately for media outlets who have thus far reveled in the alarmist "Killer Nanny" tales, the story emerging from the Ortega killings is less about an evil nanny and more about a sick, sad, increasingly stressed middle-aged lady who wasn't getting the help she needed and snapped in one of the most hideous ways imaginable.

How to Not Hire a Killer Nanny: The Collective Guide from Rich-Parents Website UrbanBaby

Max Read · 10/26/12 03:45PM

While much of New York City turned to the tabloids this morning to read more about the Upper West Side preschoolers apparently stabbed to death by their nanny (who then turned the knife on herself), the real action was all happening elsewhere: at UrbanBaby, where dozens of superrich New York parents have been dishing out theories and advice for 18 hours.

Oh My God, Will My Nanny Stab My Kids?: What Every Parent is Thinking Now

Drew Magary · 10/26/12 01:50PM

If you have children but have yet to learn anything about the terrifying story of a Manhattan nanny who stabbed two children in her care before slashing herself, rest assured, you will learn plenty in the coming days from fellow parents. They'll whisper to you on the playground. Did you hear about the nanny stabbing? They'll go over all the details. She stabbed them in the tub. Can you imagine? They'll plant seeds of fear. If it can happen there, it could happen anywhere, couldn't it? There's nothing parents love more than scaring the living shit out of each other, so between this and the coming Frankenstorm, I now have a full plate of parental scare tactics to both absorb and deploy in the coming weekend.

Two Children Were Stabbed to Death by Their Nanny on the Upper West Side; Media Very Excited by How Rich They Were

Caity Weaver · 10/26/12 10:21AM

Two children, ages 2 and 6, were stabbed to death in their Upper West Side apartment building yesterday, apparently by their nanny, 50-year-old Yoselyn Ortega. The children — a boy, Leo, and a girl, Lucia — were discovered in the bathtub by their mother, Marina Krim, when she returned home from taking her three-year-old to swimming practice. Krim found the nanny in the kitchen, lying next to a bloody knife, bleeding from what investigators believe was a self-inflicted slash to the throat. Krim's screams alerted neighbors to call the police.