Police Raid Gun Store Where Nancy Lanza Purchased Rifle After Owner Was Unaware That a Man Stole an AR-15 With Plan For a Massacre

Jordan Sargent · 12/20/12 10:31PM

One way in which to keep guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them is to make sure that gun stores stop thieves, especially ones that brazenly walk into a store, take a gun off the rack and walk out. Or, at the very least — like, the absolute least there's ever been — gun stores should realize that a gun has been stolen in the first place. A gun store in East Windsor, Conn. failed miserably at both of these tasks earlier this week, and consequently was raided by the feds tonight. Oh, in a poetic coincidence, the store sold one of the guns used in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

What We Know from Last Night and this Morning: Lanza Forced His Way into the School

MTanzer · 12/15/12 11:04AM

Over the night, a bunch of news has trickled out of Connecticut. A press conference held by state police managed to establish a few new facts. The press conference was led by Lieutenant J. Paul Vance and the biggest nugget of new information he gave reporters was that the shooter, Adam Lanza, forced his way into the school.

Connection Between Nancy Lanza, Mother of Newtown Shooter, and Sandy Hook Elementary Still in Question

Jordan Sargent · 12/15/12 12:40AM

There are now conflicting reports as to whether Nancy Lanza — the mother of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza and the woman believed to be his first victim — taught at Sandy Hook Elementary, where Lanza killed 26 others, or if her relationship with the school was much more nebulous. It had been reported for much of Friday that Nancy taught at the school — and that Adam may have targeted children in her classroom — but that hypothesis got much murkier late Friday night.