Nancy Grace Unable to Stop Talking About Porn

Gabrielle Bluestone · 03/26/14 06:08PM

Nancy Grace, a person who was in fact at one point a licensed attorney, has abandoned her murder-themed catchphrases for a more direct approach—repeating comments about porn on Good Morning America until her microphone stops working.

From #MurderForPizza to #TooFatToKill: The Best of Nancy Grace, Queen of Hashtags

Max Read · 09/26/12 05:20PM

Nancy Grace, the crazy lady who yells about justice on CNN's Headline News, might have the best account on Twitter. It's mostly just a reflection of her show's moralistic, crusading tabloid tone (a lot of moms accused of murdering their kids, or kids accused of murdering their moms, or pregnant moms murdering each other) but the Twitter format elevates it to a whole new level of blank, almost meditative vapidity, especially in her hashtags — small, violent tone poems sloughed of almost all meaning and beamed out to an unreplying universe. Below, a collection of her best, organized by category.

Watch Nancy Grace Comb a Man's Chest Hair on Dancing with the Stars

Matt Cherette · 10/10/11 08:32PM

With her giant boobs-cum-giant exposed boobs and an on-air fart, Nancy Grace has given us a schadenfreude fix every week so far this season on Dancing with the Stars, and tonight was no exception. After Tom Bergeron teased her as next up, the camera cut to Grace, who—in an attempt to draw attention away from her own "twins," perhaps—was busy combing the chest hair of her DWTS partner, Tristan MacManus. And boy oh boy was she enjoying it!

Jennifer Aniston's Rage: 'I Threw a Chair at a Director'

Maureen O'Connor · 10/07/11 10:46AM

Aniston assaulted a director, but she says he was asking for it. Fart fetishists can't get enough of Nancy Grace. Ashton Kutcher's mistresses poses topless. Demi Moore still wears her wedding ring. Friday gossip returns to the one who hurt it.

Martha Stewart Caught Peeing with Door Open

Maureen O'Connor · 10/03/11 10:29AM

Alexis Stewart drops a bombshell: She has seen her mother pee, and it was disturbing. Elizabeth Hurley gets engaged. James Marsden gets divorced. Joseph Gordon-Levitt ruminates on the relative sexiness of slaves. Monday gossip has mommy issues.

Jon Stewart Takes on Nancy Grace's Boobs, Fox & Friends' Pricks

Matt Cherette · 09/27/11 11:55PM

Thanks to Chaz Bono's knee injury and Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunction, last night's Dancing with the Stars was a lesson in human anatomy. After expressing his horror at the sight of Grace's nipple on tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart couldn't wait to see how the prudes at Fox & Friends would react to it. But as Stewart soon learned, the Fox panel's reaction to Grace's nip-slip was nothing compared to their stupid, juvenile comments about Bono.

Nancy Grace Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction on DWTS

Matt Cherette · 09/26/11 09:08PM

From Tit Mom to Nip Mom! After proudly debuting her giant boobs on last week's Dancing with the Stars premiere, Nancy Grace took things to a whole new level on tonight's live program when one of the "three-year-old twins" came out to play at the conclusion of her quickstep routine. Here's the slightly NSFW video.

Let's Make Fun of Celebrity Outfits Yet Again

Brian Moylan & Maureen O'Connor · 09/09/11 02:00PM

Welcome back to Gawkerazzi, when we look at pictures of celebrities and make fun of them on video, instead of in writing. Join us as we bitch about Kate Winslet's weird sausage dress, Gwyneth's Contagion, the mysterious case of a feathered bowtie, and other curiosities.

David Arquette Giggles About Rob Kardashian's 'Great Ass' to David Letterman

Matt Cherette · 08/31/11 11:55PM

Newly minted Dancing with the Stars contestant David Arquette was on tonight's Late Show. Arquette talked to David Letterman about being sober from alcohol, reconciling with estranged wife Courteney Cox, being enamored with fellow DWTS contestant Rob Kardashian's "great ass" (it's true, his ass is pretty spectacular), being scared of Nancy Grace, and more. But mostly, he just giggled. A lot! Check out our video of the interview's best four minutes above.

The Casey Anthony Books Are On the Way

Jeff Neumann · 08/28/11 12:04PM

Let the Casey Anthony book deal cash flow bonanza begin! The assistant state attorney in the trial that failed to convict a woman who was already convicted by cable television viewers, Jeff Ashton, is writing a book to be published in Novemeber titled Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony. Strong title! The book is set to be 256 pages. But perhaps the only thing that would make this whole situation right is if Casey takes the $500,000 Larry Flynt offered her for a Hustler spread, writes a book called Yeah I Did It: Or, Fuck You Nancy Grace for ten million dollars, and disappears.

Nancy Grace Can't Let Casey Anthony Go

Matt Cherette · 07/10/11 08:27PM

After a Florida jury acquitted Casey Anthony of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, on Tuesday, some were hoping HLN host Nancy Grace would finally eat crow for the years-long media war she waged against Anthony. She didn't, of course. And it's clear she won't be letting the case go anytime soon either.