Vandal Clothes Renaissance Painting of Venus

Maureen O'Connor · 02/25/11 01:42PM

For the first time in the history of red spray paint in the vicinity of a poster girl's breasts, a vandal made a billboard less sexual. To advertise an exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the billboard in Long Lake, MN featured a 16th-century Titian painting of Venus. The vandal painted a red tube top over Venus' breasts and commented, "Brrr!"

Naked Mailman's Prank Goes Horribly Awry

Maureen O'Connor · 12/14/10 03:34PM

When one of his female customers seemed "stressed out," a Wisconsin mailman decided he would cheer her up. So he took off all his clothes and performed her delivery completely naked. Then he was arrested.

Jessica Alba Has Been Digitally Undressed

Maureen O'Connor · 10/19/10 04:27PM

A miracle of technology has allowed us to see Jessica Alba naked, even though she swore never to go nude in a movie: She filmed a Machete shower scene in her undies, which retouchers later peeled off, with computers.

Man Jumps In Hay Tractor, Emerges as a Human Bale

John Siegel · 08/26/10 04:19PM

Well, this isn't something you see every day. Watch as a man runs in front of a hay baler, strips down completely, enters the back of it and emerges a literal bale of hay. Where do these people come from?

Streaker at Phish Show Achieves the Impossible

Kirk · 12/07/09 02:24PM

On December 5, 2009 at Charlottesville, VA's John Paul Jones Arena, one man, one pound of shrooms, and not one ounce of clothing came together to defy conventional logic and make a Phish show worth watching.

Naked Children Terrorizing America's Olds and Gays

The Cajun Boy · 07/16/09 12:49AM

Question: How can the children be the future of America when they, the children, yearn to be naked, and their liberal, Obama-loving parents allow them to run around with their little wee-wees and va-jay-jays hanging out all over the place?

Harvey Weinstein Fails to Nab 'Mr. Skin' Top 10 Berth For Nude Kate Winslet

Kyle Buchanan · 12/02/08 08:25PM

Poor Harvey Weinstein just can't catch a break for The Reader! So far, his pushy campaign to ready the film for awards glory has resulted in the loss of both Scott Rudin and a million-dollar bet, and now his efforts have resulted in further ignominy: Kate Winslet's very naked performance was denied a spot on Mr. Skin's Top Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2008. Could this be an Oscar precursor? Let's hope not, considering who came in first:

Grab A Nip Slip Eyeful Of 90210's AnnaLynne McCord!

Kyle Buchanan · 11/21/08 06:24PM

We'll admit that we stopped paying attention to the new 90210 after they demoted Lucille Bluth, but it appears from these on-set photos that producers have figured out an exciting new guest star for their reboot: the Nip Slip! Our old friend N.S. shared scenes with show lioness AnnaLynne McCord, who we remember fondly for her work on Nip/Tuck (and who probably should have kept her nip tucked here, hey-o). Let this serve as a lesson to McCord: when filming a running scene, a bra (and the occasional hamburger) can provide invaluable support. Click through for the full, uncensored photo.

Oily, Naked Britney Releases 'Womanizer' Video

ian spiegelman · 10/11/08 09:59AM

Nothing says "Comeback" like full-on, baby-oiled nudity! Britney Spears' hotly (?) anticipated "Womanizer" video is out. She dances, she sings, she beats up dudes while wearing really high heels. What more could anyone ask for? Check it out after the jump.

Natalie Portman's Ex Not Afraid to Show Off the NSFW Bits She'll Be Missing

Kyle Buchanan · 09/26/08 03:15PM

Until their recent breakup, the unlikely pairing of actress Natalie Portman with scruffy, Manson-resembling troubadour Devendra Banhart had people asking, "What exactly does she see in him?" We tried to explain that starlets love themselves some hairy hippies, but still, the naysayers would not be deterred. Now, Banhart may have provided some insight into the matter with the album art for his upcoming side project, Megapuss. Baring all in a very, very NSFW manner, the folk singer shows off what had until recently been the sole property of one Queen Amidala:

"Racy" Billboard Banned, Per Company's Strategy

Hamilton Nolan · 09/19/08 12:39PM

Cabana Cachaca is a Brazilian brand of liquor. Nobody knows or cares how it tastes, because everyone is too busy talking about its remarkable skill at barely cutting nipples out of its advertising photos. Or sometimes leaving nipples in! It's an incredibly trite marketing strategy, but it succeeds. Go figure. Except in Chicago, where one billboard has been deemed Too Hot For The Public: Before:

American Apparel Spoofer Goes Retro-Porny

Hamilton Nolan · 06/30/08 01:06PM

The now-famous but still anonymous American Apparel ad spoofer has always done his or her part to portray the hipster robot clothing company's ads as they are in CEO Dov Charney's mind: tasteful porn. The spoofer knows that the mandate to actually put clothes in his ads is just a necessary evil to Dov; he'd rather just see naked, self-stimulating, shaven women writhing around in space—perhaps accompanied by a cute animal. But now the spoofer is urging a return to the unshaven days of yore; a move that fits in with AA's faux-natural branding quite nicely. Clever viral marketing (doubtful)? Or just an unspoken call for variety in AA's secret full-on nude ads, to be unveiled as soon as society is ready for them? After the jump, full photos of the spoofer's latest porny—yet natural—line drawings:

Or Checked This Hot New Thing Called 'Google Image Search'

Pareene · 02/26/08 04:42PM

Dear Internet: If you really wanted to see photos of screenwriter Diablo Cody's nipples, you could've just read her old City Pages blog, where all of them came from. Honestly, people. [Defamer] (Clarification: we're bitching about EGOTASTIC, to whom we did not wish to deliver more traffic, not our friends at Defamer. Also the internet as a whole.)

Naked Lohan, Presented And Analyzed

Hamilton Nolan · 02/18/08 02:31PM

New York Magazine's pictures of nekkid Lindsay Lohan are titillating, sure. But more importantly, they are the embodiment of oh-so-many media trends! Like the trend of a glossy magazine grabbing a high-fashion photographer to make shirtlessness upscale (for men and women). Also, the "trend" of serious news outlets exploiting pop culture for massive clicks while still maintaining their "smart" cred. Further, tragic celebrities—living or not— are the best attractions. The Lohan shoot isn't pegged to her funeral, but it's pretty damn grim foreshadowing, considering the Marilyn Monroe theme. Finally, the whole thing provides the same masturbatory value as a hypothetical Lohan Playboy shoot; but with better PR for both sides. Of course, we would never put ourselves above covering the latest sex news. So since is currently crushed under an incoming barrage of clicks from masturbators, we've put the most relevant Lohan pic [by Bert Stern, via New York] after the jump. It's technically NSFW, but hey, it's a holiday!