Science Disproves Five Second Rule, All Bets Are Off

Robert Kessler · 10/17/12 03:15PM

For decades we have been trapped by America's tyrannical "Five Second Rule," which mandates that all food be marinated on the floor for a full five seconds before it can be consumed. But not a second more! At long last, that rule has been tested.

Republicans Watch The Worst Shows on TV

Brian Moylan · 12/06/11 05:47PM

Entertainment Weekly hired a fancy research company to figure out what shows liberals and conservatives like best. They should have just hired us to make up the answers, because they're really stereotypical. Liberals like The Daily Show, 30 Rock, Glee, and David Letterman. Conservatives like, well, a whole bunch of crap.

President Obama Outsources Death Ray Research to the Mythbusters

Henry Baker · 12/09/10 09:00AM

On last night's Mythbusters, our beleaguered commander in chief visited to lay down a gauntlet for Jamie and Adam. Their task? Build a working version of Archimedes' solar ray to defeat terrorism... or teach kids about science or something.

Mythbusters Make Their Own 100% Genuine Designer Leather Cannon

Emily Chen · 07/28/10 10:43PM

This time the Mythbusters tackled the accuracy and validity of the historical leather cannon myth. Upon completion of a replica cannon Kari Byron shows her true artistic talents by pimping out the leather with an iconic "MB" design.

MythBusters Continues to Inspire Pranksters Everywhere

Emily Chen · 07/08/10 12:27AM

Ever wanted to duct tape a friend's car to a pole? You will after watching this clip from tonight's MythBusters. If not for the disclaimers, it would seem like they're giving step by step instructions/inviting people to do this.

Mythbusters Smashes Some Beerbottle Myths

Robyn Caplan · 04/15/10 02:11PM

The beerbottle has always been used as a weapon of choice on television and in the movies, so the Mythbusters wanted to discover just how much damage the bottle can inflict. Pigheads, jello, tons of smashing and wasted beer inside!

Mythbusters Takes on the Spycar

Robyn Caplan · 04/08/10 01:49PM

The concept of the spycar has been around since the invention of the car so the guys from Mythbusters decided to play a little game of chase to find out whether the techniques shown in movies work out on the road.