Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/13 08:00AM

Morning comedy from Feb. 7, 2007: "Will Myspace ever lose its monopoly?" ("It may already be too late for competitors.")

Shut Down Your Abandoned MySpace Account Using This Humiliating Trick

Adrian Chen · 05/04/12 01:09PM

I was wrong. You may actually be able to delete your old embarrassing MySpace profile even if you're completely locked out of the account. But you must pose for a picture with your MySpace URL like it's 2003 and you're trying to prove to your webcam girlfriend that you're not a total scammer.

MySpace Forced To Cancel Justin Timberlake Party

Ryan Tate · 09/19/11 06:17PM

MySpace had a big summer "coming out party" planned for itself, to prove that it was full of new energy . Investor Justin Timberlake was going to be there and everything! Sadly, the social network had to cancel this party, because it continues to die.

MySpace Crashed Last Night

Adrian Chen · 08/12/11 10:11AM

If a social network goes down, but nobody uses it, should we even blog about it? If it's MySpace, sure, why not. The Justin Timberlake vanity project crashed for a while last night, generating literally threes of concerned tweets and a couple of obligatory tech blog posts. But it's back, so you may now continue forgetting about it.

Justin Timberlake Plans to Bring the SexyBack to MySpace

Seth Abramovitch · 06/30/11 12:31AM

So shadowy digital repo concern Specific Media took MySpace off News Corp.'s hands for the joke sum of 35 million dollars. Thirty-five million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? Thirty-five billion dollars. And how do you make that much money? By getting Justin Timberlake to align his triple-platinum swag with your cobweb-strewn social networking relic.

MySpace To Be Sold for Scrap

Ryan Tate · 06/28/11 12:55PM

Well, this is embarrassing: News Corp. will probably sell MySpace for less than a tenth of what it paid for the social network, and for less than a third of its stated minimum bid. And, yes, big layoffs are coming.

MySpace Layoffs Rumored for This Week

Ryan Tate · 06/27/11 05:45PM

We hear MySpace's Southern California offices are thick with rumors that the social network is planning some serious bloodletting this week. Scary as that sounds, some employees are apparently looking forward to the layoffs.

Sad MySpace Has Just One Bidder

Ryan Tate · 06/09/11 02:40PM

After six months of trying to sell itself, animated GIF emporium MySpace has exactly one potential buyer, who only wants to buy part of MySpace, and at a very steep discount. This is getting rather pathetic.

The Death of MySpace: By the Numbers

Ryan Tate · 04/12/11 07:25PM

MySpace's revenue for the year ending June 20 will be just $109 million, according to documents distributed to potential buyers of the dying social network. Just a few years ago, the company was pulling in upwards of $900 million.