Man Spends $100,000 on Surgery to Look Like Justin Bieber, Fails

Rich Juzwiak · 01/30/14 11:47AM

Oof. Toby is a 33-year-old who says he has spent $100,00 on about 100 plastic surgery procedures in the hope of resembling Justin Bieber. Oof. Toby came upon this idea when he was 28, saw his face aging, and "didn't know what to do." Oof. Now he travels around Los Angeles asking people, "Do I remind you of anyone?" Sometimes he does a little Bieber-esque head tic to emphasize his side swept 'do, a hairstyle that Bieber abandoned several years ago at this point. Oof oof oof.

Woman With Size LLL Breasts Does Horrifying "Jack-o'-Lantern" Trick

Rich Juzwiak · 01/09/14 12:20PM

Meet Lacey Wildd, a 45-year-old mother of six, who's had "29, maybe 30" plastic surgery procedures including: 12 breast augmentations, two tummy tucks, three Brazilian butt lifts, illegal silicone in her lips (whatever that means), three full-body lipos, and an internal corset. She was profiled last night on TLC's My Strange Addiction. Of course she was. Highlights (the breast of Wildd, if you will) are above. They include Wildd's "jack-o'-lantern" trick that exposes several boob veins.

Human Ken Doll Views Plastic Surgery as a "Creative Outlet"

Rich Juzwiak · 01/02/14 01:45PM

You may recognize Justin Jedlica from any of his dozens of TV appearances — his surgery-sculpted face is hard to forget. That, along with the rest of his body (the result of 125 cosmetic procedures in total), has earned him the nickname of the Human Ken Doll. He was profiled in detail on TLC's special My Strange Addiction: I'm a Living Doll last night, on which he described his ongoing surgeries as his "creative outlet." In the clip above, he attempts to creative direct one of them. It's for ab implants. He's previously described his strange addiction as "an art form." We live in a time when all you have to do to make art is label something art, so he at least has a case.

My Strange Addiction Features Blood Drinker in Its Most Revolting Episode Ever

Rich Juzwiak · 03/21/13 09:45AM

Last night's episode of My Strange Addiction was the show's fourth-season finale (I'm already mourning) and boy it was a doozy. The entire half hour was devoted to Michelle, a 29-year-old resident of Lancaster, Calif., with a Jane Child ear-to-nose chain situation and an affinity for drinking animal blood and human blood. Michelle is a tattoo artist but not a vampire. She prefers pig's blood to beef blood because it's gamier. She reports that every human's blood tastes different, there is a difference between men and women's blood (men's is thicker) and that she generally extracts it from the upper arm, elbow area, upper back or inner thigh. "I try to avoid the neck 'cause that's way too cliché," says Michelle. And here I thought that Shoshanna telling Ray on Girls that "Sometimes I love you like I feel sorry for a monkey" would be the best thing I heard anyone say on TV this week.

Here Is a Man Who Has Sexual Relationships With Balloons

Rich Juzwiak · 03/14/13 10:55AM

Sixty-two-year-old Julius has had a fascination with balloons since he was four. At some point, it turned sexual, which distinguishes him from the other more childlike inflatable enthusiasts we've seen on reality TV in recent months. During Julius' segments on (what else) last night's My Strange Addiction, he didn't get too specific about what goes down (and got agitated when pressed, and in the process became that much more of a character — I was waiting for steam to erupt from his ears at any moment), but he did say, "I'll take a 12-inch, and I'll inflate it to 11-inch. That way it can take a lot of abuse." So maybe it's better that he didn't get much more specific than that.

Here Is a 27-Year-Old Woman Who Is 'Addicted' To a Stuffed Lamb

Rich Juzwiak · 02/28/13 10:30AM

Meet Audrey, a 27-year-old Los Angeleno profiled on last night's My Strange Addiction. Everywhere that Audrey goes, her stuffed lamb is sure to go. There are shots of her frolicking with the lamb, sharing solemn walks on the beach with the lamb, holding food up to the lamb's face, pretending to feed the lamb. Though she sometimes refers to the lamb as "him" and clearly has made anthropomorphizing her way of life, she doesn't have a name for the lamb — he was only referred to as "the lamb" throughout the episode. That was the best thing about it, besides the shot of her going down a slide with him.

Here Is a Woman Who Stings Herself With Bees, Making Her Sex 'Great'

Rich Juzwiak · 02/21/13 09:55AM

TLC's weekly hoot My Strange Addiction profiled one of its wackiest specimens yet last night. Fifty-three-year-old Margaret is a ringer for Mackenzie Phillips who lives in Morningview, KY and stings herself with bees up to 15 times a day. It started as a treatment for her arthritis but then became a recreational activity. She describes the sensation as "peppery" and reports, "No two stings are alike but I feel relief from all of them."

Coming Out Is Weird: Watch a Supercut of People Revealing Their Strange Addictions to Horrified Friends and Family

Rich Juzwiak · 02/14/13 05:00PM

TLC's My Strange Addiction is back for a fourth season, and that is terrific because it such a hilarious show. On it, nothing is sacred, not even the concept of addiction, which is stretched to include things that you don't need a degree in addicitionology to know are not real addictions—if growing one's fingernails and toenails are addictions, they are the slowest release capsules possible. This may be too irreverent and insensitive for some, but I read it as media criticism: Reality TV is not the best source of addiction information. At times, though the show deals with real people (presumably) telling their true stories, it reads as parody.

Here Is a Woman Who Eats Cat Hair Right Off Her Cat

Rich Juzwiak · 01/28/13 12:40PM

It was inevitable that Lisa would one day end up on the Internet, with her unique spin on what it means to be a crazy cat lady. She is like light to the dark of that Hoarders subject who kept her dead cats in the fridge. Lisa eats cat hair. She finds it all over her apartment, which must be as wonderful and fuzzy as finding chewed gum all over your apartment if you are a regular person who doesn't eat cat hair. She prefers it from the source, though: "The best ones are right off the cat," she explains. Freshness is key, obviously.

'I Drink Almost All of the Urine That Comes Out of My Body'

Maureen O'Connor · 03/15/12 04:02PM

Master of the modern freak show TLC has unveiled its most stomach-turning My Strange Addiction yet: A lady addicted to urine. She drinks it from glasses. She drinks it through her nose. She drinks it rhough her eyes. (Eyeballing?) She rubs "the aged stuff" all over her body.

My Strange Addiction Finale: Ashes to Ashes to Addiction

Leah Beckmann · 02/16/11 11:04PM

Bianca's addiction started in an unusual, but not completely unheard of way. Like many children with an iron deficiency, Bianca ate dirt when she was younger. Unfortunately, the dirt transformed into whole pieces of pottery and cigarette ashes.

My Strange Addiction: Glass and Bullets!

Leah Beckmann · 02/09/11 10:25PM

In another exploitive adventure into the twisted world of those that are Strangely Addicted, we met Josh: a glass-eating comedian. Your skin will crawl with the shivers of one million chalkboards being scratched by one million acrylic nails.