Rich Juzwiak · 02/18/14 12:21PM

Here are more shots from inside the dead White Flint Mall. Muzak still plays where the people no longer do.

Elevator Music Deemed Unaffordable Luxury

Hamilton Nolan · 02/10/09 03:36PM

This cruel Grim Reaper of an economy has gone too far. It came for magazines. It came for books. It came for banks. But now, it has come for our Muzak.

The Mournful Music of Footloose?

Richard Lawson · 07/18/08 01:05PM

So if someone told you that, as a memorial to a friend's dead sister, they'd recorded a mournful, twinkly cover of the entire soundtrack to the 1980's homo carnival Footloose (a movie about John Lithgow bellowing about the evils of dancing and Kevin Bacon boldly and baconly defying him), what would you think? Well, we are faced with that stumper today, as we've stumbled upon a musician called Doveman who has done just that.

Covering Matilda

Richard Lawson · 01/24/08 03:58PM

Scarlett Johansson, already an actress and soon to be a director, will have her debut singing album drop in May. It's called Anywhere I Lay My Head (to which I hope many young men respond: "In my lap!") It consists of covers of 10 Tom Waits songs and one original ditty. Tom Waits! I guess her voice is a little gravelly. Can't wait until she's living in some shitty house in LA, fighting with Lily Tomlin. [US]