The Iowa Governor's Race Has Turned Into a Mustache War

Allie Jones · 06/11/14 10:51AM

It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between all the white guys running for office in this country. Thankfully, Iowa gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch is here to help. He shaved his mustache on camera to distinguish himself from his opponent, current Republican Gov. Terry Branstad.

HuffPo Bravely Investigates Madonna's New Mustache

Kyle Buchanan · 10/14/08 01:20PM

"PHOTOS: Madonna's Movie Premiere With Friends, Facial Hair," promised the headline today on the Huffington Post today, and we dutifully clicked, wondering who would be the latest star to don Hollywood's hottest new accessory: the moustache! Previously an outdated cultural relic, the moustache has undergone a renaissance thanks to actors like George Clooney and Robert Downey, Jr.; would a star of similar stature attending the premiere of Madonna's Filth and Wisdom be the newest member of the facial hair club? Then, we came to the last sentence of the article: "Here are photos of some of the celebrities who came out to support [Madonna] Monday night and, perhaps more surprising for such a perfectionist, a close-up of Madonna's upper lip hair."

Robert Downey Jr Smashes It Up!

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/04/08 06:05PM

The 'stache-tastic Robert Downey Jr — along with Japan's very own Iron Man, Hal —went off on a few barrels before the premiere of Iron Man. According to Downey Jr, the barrels were asking for it and got what they deserved. Downey said, "Those barrels were mouthing off. Saying some nasty things about my performance in The Shaggy Dog and now they're going to pay." After having such a blast demolishing the barrels, Downey and Hal agreed to team up on a live action version of Donkey Kong, possibly to be helmed by Wong Kar-Wai.