Backpack With Message "USA Bomb" Left At Muslim Residence (UPDATED)

Camille Dodero · 04/29/13 01:36PM

Nimer Ead is a 55-year-old design engineer who resides in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He also happens to be Muslim. This past Saturday, a neighbor noticed a strange backpack in the yard outside the three-family building where Ead shares a first-floor apartment with his family and called the police. State bomb investigators responded, discovering a black-and-tan backpack that had no explosives or dangerous contents, but included the ambiguously ominous phrase, "USA Bomb."

Armed Hate Crime Victim Decides Not to Shoot Attacker

Jordan Sargent · 01/05/13 06:48PM

Earlier this week, a 24-year-old Tampa-area resident named Cameron Mohammed was walking with his girlfriend into Walmart at around 3 a.m. when the two were approached from behind by a 25-year-old named Daniel Quinnell. Quinnell allegedly yelled racial epithets at the two, then fired 20 shots at Mohammed with a pellet gun — pictured above — striking him multiple times in the head and neck. Mohammed was armed, too — but with a real .45 caliber pistol. He chose not to shoot.

Fox News' Latest Anti-"Mosque" Propaganda: The 9/11 Body Map

Matt Cherette · 09/10/10 04:13PM

This morning, Fox News jacked up its anti-"Ground Zero Mosque" propaganda by broadcasting a "map" that identified remains of 9/11 victims and their proximity to the proposed building site—all with a decidedly biased, fear-mongering tone. Video inside.

Jon Stewart's Takedown of the "International Burn a Koran Day" Pastor

Matt Cherette · 09/09/10 12:46AM

Saturday marks the ninth anniversary of 9/11. And, for pastor Terry Jones down in Gainesville, Florida, it's also "International Burn a Koran Day." Tonight, Jon Stewart tore apart Jones' message, Republican lawmakers' hypocrisy, and—most importantly—Jones' mustache. Video inside.

Muslim Group Releases PSA, Promises Not to "Take Over This Country"

Matt Cherette · 08/31/10 03:04PM

Here's a PSA from Muslim organization My Faith My Voice, in which several Islamic Americans attempt—with a serious, non-ironic tone—to quell fears that they're out to impose their faith on others or "take over this country." Watch inside.

Somebody Buy This Stupid Cartoon Already

Hamilton Nolan · 02/29/08 10:11AM

Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard is trying to sell his very popular cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb as a turban, which helped to ignite all that hysteria among fundamentalist Muslims a couple years back. They're still trying to kill Westergaard, and he's getting pretty tired of it. Now he's trying to unload the infamous cartoon, so he can at least get some cash to buy a Playstation 3 to entertain himself while in hiding. Of course, no auction house wants to touch it and no collector wants to hang it up, so he's having a hard time [WSJ]. Somebody please just buy it—display it, burn it, use it as toilet paper, who cares—this controversy is one of the more exasperating and stupid of the 21st century. Raffle time! Below, a reprint of the full page of mediocre cartoons that cause the pointless fuss.