Lou Reed Has Accepted Yeezus as His Lord and Savior

Rich Juzwiak · 07/02/13 10:19AM

Just when you thought that everyone and their Hamptons spouse had weighed in on Kanye West's sixth solo album, Yeezus, along comes rock god Lou Reed to gush about the "majestic and inspiring," minimal/maximal, "manic depressive" work from the "really, really, really" talented West.

Pitchfork’s People’s List Is Pitchfork’s Pitchfork List

Rich Juzwiak · 08/22/12 05:20PM

Today, influential music-crit site Pitchfork really italicized its "influential" modifier by releasing the results of its Pitchfork People's List, a Converse-sponsored "readers' poll" of the best albums from the first 15 years of the site's existence (1996-2011). There were—to invoke the words Radiohead, which had three albums place in the Top 10—no surprises.