Club MoMA

cityfile · 12/17/09 03:46PM

Beginning in January, the Museum of Modern Art will morph into a club—with DJs spinning house music, "specialty cocktails," a $20 cover, and everything—on the first Thursday of each month. Please mind the artwork, clubgoers. Oh, and come early: This new nightspot is only open till 8:45pm. [NewYorkology]

cityfile · 11/18/09 04:20PM

Twisted Sisters: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen all dressed up for last night's tribute to director Tim Burton at the Museum of Modern Art.

Out With the Old

cityfile · 08/27/09 10:03AM

The junior committees at major cultural institutions around town are designed for younger—or youngish—people, right? Well, it seems some old-timers have been trying to slip by at the Museum of Modern Art, according to the WSJ's Speakeasy blog, and the museum isn't taking it anymore:

MoMA Art Assault

Chris Mohney · 01/11/07 10:00AM

The Museum of Modern Art enjoys a love-hate relationship with its neighbors — sometimes quite heavy on the hate, it seems. More in the vein of gentle ribbing is this prank, implemented in conjunction with MoMA's setup work for a show by video artist Doug Aitken. While the museum ran projected test patterns on its external facades, enterprising across-the-street neighbors used lowly PowerPoint and a reg'lar projector to plaster MoMA with an inviting "YOUR VIDEO ART HERE!" billboard. Unfortunately, MoMA's own mighty projections will overwhelm the pranksters' feeble home model, so this guerilla addition to the project cannot remain.