Why Does Joe Lhota Support the Murder of Nuns?

Tom Scocca · 09/24/13 04:02PM

Republican New York mayoral nominee Joe Lhota has brought a new, urgent issue to the fore in the race to be the next chief executive of the city: Where do the candidates stand on the Nicaraguan civil war of the 1980s?

Murderer Attacks Prosecutor During Closing Argument

Max Read · 05/02/11 07:18PM

It's not a good idea, when you're on trial, to attack the prosecutor in the courtroom. But Emanuel D. "E Man" Mitchell had already been convicted of murder, so he probably figured he had nothing to lose.

Choire · 12/24/07 01:00PM

Huge Grinch and chair of Boston University's religion department goes out on the long branch of sociocultural relativism and declares that every day is a holiday that is nearly as great as Christmas! CRUCIFY HIM. [WaPo]

Joshua Stein · 11/02/07 01:20PM

Chinese rights to the O.J. Simpson sort-of confession weird-thing "If I Did It" have been sold. It's about time China found out the truth about America! The poor Goldman family was presumably not dismayed that rights went for less than $50K. [Publisher's Marketplace]