Don't Trip!

Brian Moylan · 11/30/10 07:01PM

[Passersby might have a hard time not stumbling when checking out artist Kenny Scharf's psychedelic new mural (which replaced Shepard Fairey's) on Bowery and Houston in Manhattan. Image via Getty]

The Olympics Finally Get Something Right With the "iWall"

Mike Byhoff · 02/18/10 04:14PM

Sure, the iPad is nice and all, but it doesn't allow the freedom to create an eight-foot tall digital illustration. Sponsored by the Olympics, artist Chairman Ting paints a digital mural on Tangible Interaction's interactive computer wall in Vancouver.

Banksy (Rats) NYC

Hamilton Nolan · 09/29/08 01:30PM

Semi-anonymous street art legend Banksy reportedly collaborated with a sign-painting company on this mural, which went up last weekend in Soho, NYC. He likes us—he really likes us! At least the rats among us. [via Gothamist]