South Park Fans Spoof Islamic Website (Updated)

Ravi Somaiya · 04/23/10 11:30AM

South Park made jokes about the Prophet Muhammad. An Islamic group, Revolution Muslim, retorted with thinly veiled threats, and the show was censored. Fans were outraged — and they seem to have fought back by mocking the group's website.

Muslim Fanatics Need A New Hobby

Hamilton Nolan · 02/12/08 12:29PM

Seems that some of those humorous-from-afar fanatics are still upset about those Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that caused all that fuss two years ago; police just arrested three people for plotting to kill one of the cartoonists involved. One tragedy has been averted, but it's too late to save the greatest casualty of the cartoons: Harry Siegel's brief and undistinguished New York Press editorship. So much hassle for some mediocre drawings that are all over the Internet, anyways. Stop the violence! Full image of the notorious newspaper page after the jump