Accused Shoplifter Expected to Have a Lot of Safe Sex

Lauri Apple · 10/25/11 05:38AM

Meet Alexandrea Brooks, a Cobb County, Georgia woman who police claim "infiltrated" a Walgreens (are the Walgreens in Georgia on lockdown? are they exclusive/members-only?) and stole 26 boxes of condoms, an ovulation test, and a few other items, totaling $562.68. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution thoughtfully provides the full list of Brooks' product selections. She sure is a brand loyalist:

The Great $3 Million Toothbrush Heist

Maureen O'Connor · 09/29/11 02:29PM

Florida authorities have arrested a trio of dental hygiene heisters, peridontal purloiners accused of stealing $3 million worth of electric toothbrushes and whitening strips from more than 60 retail stores.

Which One of These Alleged Beer Burglars Has the Best Mugshot?

Lauri Apple · 09/23/11 04:16AM

Hey there! Um, so, I don't want to interrupt your breakfast or morning calisthenics or anything, but I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I'm trying figure out which one of these guys has the most memorable mugshot.

Pipe Bomb Lady Seems Really Upbeat

Lauri Apple · 09/20/11 08:19AM

After being robbed of $400 in a drug deal, the mother of Cassondra Marie Rassi—the smiling woman whose mugshots you see here—decided to retaliate against the alleged dealer-thief by building a pipe bomb and blowing up the person's car.

How to Pose for the Perfect Mugshot

Brian Moylan · 08/17/11 03:24PM

As long as there have been celebrities, there have been celebrities getting arrested, and as long as there have been celebrities getting arrested, there have been celebrity mugshots. But what can we learn from them?

Outkast's Big Boi Arrested Over Ecstasy, Viagra

Max Read · 08/07/11 03:05PM

Atlanta rapper Big Boi—one half of Outkast along with André 3000, and star of one of the great episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit—was arrested in Miami on Sunday on drug possession charges. Rappers, right? Always with ecstasy and viagra-fueled cruises!

Bride Arrested At Her Own Wedding

Seth Abramovitch · 07/19/11 12:27AM

Well, at least they didn't have to pay for a photographer. Tammy Lee Hinton, a 50-year-old woman from Florida, was arrested Saturday — at her own wedding in Michigan, on a felony identity theft warrant. On a more uplifting note, the cops had the decency to wait until vows had been exchanged before immediately taking her into custody. She's currently registered with the Michigan Department of Corrections and Pottery Barn. [The Smoking Gun, mugshot via TSG]

McDonald's Basher Had Brawled There Before

Maureen O'Connor · 04/25/11 11:31AM

Teonna Monae Brown—the Baltimore woman charged last week for a beating up a transgender McDonald's patron while a passive crowd made videos—may have been a repeat offender. The Smoking Gun reports that the 18-year-old had previously been arrested for punching a mother of two in the face, then beating her with an umbrella, then trying to rip out her hair, while friends attacked the lady's daughters. Just as ogres like to hide under bridges and terrorize passing billygoats, violent jerks apparently like to hang out at McDonald's and beat the snot out of strangers.

Nicolas Cage Arrested for Domestic Abuse

Max Read · 04/16/11 01:35PM

Actor Nicolas Cage was arrested for domestic battery in New Orleans on Friday night—just a month after being escorted out of a restaurant by police. Apparently an intoxicated Cage was arguing loudly with his wife as the couple got in a taxi when the cabbie called police and said he'd seen Cage grab his wife, Alice. Police showed up and told them to "just go home," and then Cage, as is his wont, asked the police "Why don't you just arrest me?" They promptly did. The actor's been released on $11,000 bail after being charged with "domestic abuse and disturbing the peace." His wife isn't pressing charges and says there was no physical contact. [TMZ; Times-Picayune]

Do Not Take a Picture of This Guy's Hair

Max Read · 03/18/11 03:07AM

If you are picture-shy—as Texas resident Johnathan Washburn is—you are advised not to assault people who photograph you—as Mr. Washburn did—because then the police are required by law to take a picture of you, and give it to anyone who asks. Which is why you are loooking at a picture of Mr. Johnathan Washburn, courtesy the Austin Statesman and the Austin Police Department. (Washburn allegedly grew angry with a fellow who took a photo of his "mohawk" and demanded that the photograph be erased; the situation escalated to the point where Washburn hit the guy with his skateboard. It's unclear whether or not the offending photograph survived the assault, but Washburn's mug shot more than makes up for it.) [Austin Statesman via The Daily What]