MTV Trots Out Charlie Sheen To Reminds Us How Awful They Really Are

Matt Toder · 06/03/12 09:34PM

I'm not sure when the MTV Movie Awards started creating new categories each year but this year's award for New Cult Film (that didn't even have nominees) was clearly just an excuse to give Charlie Sheen something to do. Why he had to be involved remains a mystery to me.

Robert Pattinson Kisses Taylor Lautner, Drops the F-Bomb at MTV Movie Awards

Matt Cherette · 06/05/11 10:07PM

If you watched tonight's MTV Movie Awards, then you saw a whole lot of the Twilight cast. If you didn't tune in, then you probably don't know that—in a span of minutes—Robert Pattinson both ditched Kristen Stewart on stage to plant a big ol' kiss on Taylor Lautner in the audience, and said "But I did f*ck you" to Reese Witherspoon during a tribute award presentation (the F-bomb was missed by MTV censors). Above, watch both of the water cooler-worthy moments in one handy video.

Every Aired F-Bomb from This Year's MTV Movie Awards

Whitney Jefferson · 06/08/10 11:55AM

While MTV encouraged its celebrity guests to swear up a storm on stage, it was clear that the censor guys behind the scenes weren't as ready to bleep. Mediaite put together all of swears that made it on the air.

MTV Movie Awards Too Racy For Fox And Friends

nightintern · 06/07/10 01:40PM

Gretchen is absolutely baffled by Sandra and Scarlett's friendship but Steve seems to like it—even if MTV has too few music videos and too much cursing.

Yes, the Bruno-Eminem Crotch Run-In Was Staged

The Cajun Boy · 06/02/09 12:51AM

So apparently there's been this huge debate raging all across America today over whether or not Bruno's bare-assed landing on Eminem in the "69" position was staged? Though we're utterly baffled that there's even any question at all over this, we have confirmation tonight that it was fake.

Jennifer Lopez's Twins Ordered Never To Wear Same Outfit Twice (And Why J. Lo Shouldn't, Either)

Molly Friedman · 07/15/08 01:10PM

Jennifer Lopez, new member of that oh-so-trendy and elite twinset pregnancy club, is continuing her fashionable legacy by deciding never to dress her mini-Marc Anthonys in the same designer outfit twice. As much as this news doesn’t surprise us, considering the international (national? not so much!) superstar’s notoriously highbrow taste in ridiculously pricey bling, we’re fairly sure where J. Lo got the idea. Even though the past few years have seen post-pregnancy slim faster Lopez awarded the #1 spot on many a prominent Best Dressed List in the glossies, her pre-glamour girl days were adorned with some of the most horrific ensembles ever to break camera lenses with their floppy fedoras, belly-baring latex bikini tops and, of course, her infamous frontless, transparent green monster worn at the 2000 Grammys. The top five outfits we’re grateful Lopez never dared wear twice, after the jump:

Before They Were Porn Stars

Mark Graham · 06/26/08 08:35PM

· Just weeks before he catapulted himself into the celebrity gossip stratosphere as America's Next Top Porn Star, we were fortunate enough to snag a few precious seconds with Verne Troyer on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. We broke into the Defamer Time Capsule — hint: it's buried somewhere in the grassy knoll between Craft and the Death Star — to unearth this clip that showcases both Molls and myself being temporarily rendered speechless when we realized we were in the presence of the world's most famous little person (yes, and that includes Matt Roloff).
· Still thirsty for more deets on the Mini-Me sex tape? Well, here's another mystery solved. The young frenchee in question is none other than 22-year-old Ranae Shrider, an aspiring model from Kentucky. Welcome to the jungle, baby. [TMZ]
· Just in time for Wall-E to hit theaters, those loveable scamps over at Radar have put together a list of cinema's gayest robots. [Radar]
· Looking for the silver lining in the news that the Jennifer Aniston rom-com He's Just Not That Into You has has been pushed back until February 2009? Now there's plenty of time to get Jennifer Connelly involved in that planned Marie Claire cover shoot. Also? More competition for Valkyrie! [US Magazine]
· "I am single, I have no problem meeting women. Women approach me 6, 7 times a day." After listening to this hilariously pathetic voicemail, we think we may have stumbled onto the perfect castmember for Season Two of Vh1's The Pickup Artist. If anyone can help this guy, it's Mystery. [The Sherman Foundation]

It Was All Yellow: Defamer's Video Recap Of The 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Mark Graham · 06/02/08 04:20PM

While the broadcast portion of yesterday's MTV Movie Awards was short on thrills, the same cannot be said for the red yellow carpet. Armed only with a laptop, an iPhone and a video camera, Molly McAleer and your Uncle Grambo did our darndest to bring you a sense of the hustle and bustle as a gaggle of celebs — which ran the gamut from A to Z-List — strolled and sprinted by us on their way into the Gibson Ampitheater at the still smoldering Universal Studios. The following video, culled together by our magical pixie of a videographer, conveniently boils down the two hours we spent baking in the hot California sun into two short minutes. From Rainn Wilson's special message to you, the loyal Defamer audience, to a horrifying closeup of the veins that punctuate Verne Troyer's bald dome, kick back and relax with our SPF 100 recap of last evening's pre-show festivities. [MTV Movie Awards]

MTV Movie Awards Fashion Trends: Cleavage, Kinky Boots, And Oops! Lindsay Lohan's Thong

Molly Friedman · 06/02/08 02:05PM

What is it about MTV awards ceremonies that brings out so many female celebrities' inner hooker? Normally demurely dressed stars like good girl Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron both showed up on the red carpet looking like a dominatrix-for-hire and a Heidi Fleiss escort circa 1990, respectively. Megan Fox stepped outside her rep as being a poor girl's Angelina Jolie by attempting to dress like a cupcake, but the frilly underskirt just said Little Pink Ride Your Hood, and The Hills resident scandalista Audrina Patridge donned a skin-tight, midnight blue satin one-strap number paired with ironed black hair that looked eerily like what we suspect Marilyn Manson wears in drag. So why pick last night to debut their diaper-length hemlines and S&M costumes? Look no further than a closer peek of Lindsay Lohan's totally unintentional panty-flash for answers, and the rest of these ladies of the night after the jump:

2008 MTV Movie Awards Liveblog: Game On!

Mark Graham · 06/01/08 05:00PM

Well, we're here. We fought our way through hellacious traffic — 45 minutes on the off-ramp alone! — and we battled through the blazes that engulfed the famed clocktower from Back To The Future earlier today. Now Molly McAleer and myself are here are perched on the (surprisingly product placement free) yellow carpet, ready to take Hollywood down from the inside (again, we're still not sure how we managed to slip through the rigorous credentialing process). While we're still a little unsure of how all this will go down, one thing is assured — we'll be doing our best to wreak havoc. All of the action can be found after the jump!

Breaking! Universal Studios On Fire; Will Tonight's MTV Movie Awards Go On?

Mark Graham · 06/01/08 09:59AM

It's not even 8am and today is already setting up to be a real doozy. Reports are just coming in that the Universal Studios backlot — possibly the Back To The Future set — is on fire right right now. A tipster sent in the above photo and wrote in that he "woke up to loud bangs - almost like tanks were exploding." While there are no reports suggesting that the blaze is anywhere near the Gibson Ampitheater, where the MTV Movie Awards are scheduled to be held later this afternoon, we will certainly keep you posted. Don't forget, so long as the red carpet isn't on fire, we're scheduled to be liveblogging the awards today beginning at 3pm PST. As they say in the business, developing...

Liveblogging The 2008 MTV Movie Awards: Who Invited Us, Anyway?

Mark Graham · 05/30/08 06:25PM

While the summer time is traditionally even more barren for awards shows than Jennifer Aniston's lonely, lonely womb, we can always count on the MTV Movie Awards to satiate our seasonal cravings for celebrity carpet walking. What this award show lacks in prestige, it usually makes up for in star power. After all, what star with a summer movie to plug would turn down a virtually risk-free opportunity to accept an award for "Best Same-Sex Tongue Kiss" while reminding millions of viewers to remind them of their film's release date? This year's awards, hosted by Mike "The Love Guru Opens June 20th!" Myers, will feature appearances from Adam Sandler (who is receiving the coveted "Best Actor With A Movie Opening Next Week" award), Will Ferrell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ed Norton, Liv Tyler, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Wahlberg and more. While the show will have a tough time eclipsing the bar that Sarah Silverman set last year (her teardown of famewhore Paris Hilton elicited universal acclaim from everyone but Paris herself), we here at Defamer will be doing our best to puncture the cloak of celebrity using the best tool we have available — a liveblog! Yes, that's right, we'll be coming to you live from the red carpet — we don't have any clue how we got on the list, either — of Universal Studios beginning at or around 3pm PST on Sunday afternoon and going straight on through until whenever the show ends. We hope you'll join us, it ought to be exciting. [MTV Movie Awards]

Adam Sandler Wins MTV Award For Best Actor with A Movie Opening Next Week

STV · 05/29/08 01:05PM

MTV announced Wednesday that this weekend's Movie Awards show would recognize Adam Sandler as its Generation Award winner, apparently the highest accolade an actor can receive at the annual festivities. Don't call it synergy, though; such shameless dovetailing is the last thing on the network's mind, with Sandler's market-cornering man-child apparently towering over the imminent opening of You Don't Mess With the Zohan five days later:

Mike Myers Set To Host MTV Movie Awards, Resuming Sorely Missed Tradition Of Actual Talent At Show's Shaky Helm

Molly Friedman · 04/09/08 03:30PM

The MTV Movie Awards have always managed to deliver one or half a dozen memorable moments worthy of YouTube legacy. But the host of the show has rarely been a factor in determining that year's success story, until the producers' decision to enlist Sarah Silverman last year finally lifted the program's ratings. With last year's success still fresh in their minds, MTV has announced that Mike Myers will helm the 2008 edition, signaling a definitive return to the program's roots. Sixteen years ago, the show premiered with Dennis Miller at the wheel, followed by SNL alum Eddie Murphy, Jon Lovitz, two Jimmy Fallon appearances and of course, Myers' own try in 1997. But recently MTV has rolled their dice with more commercially appealing faces like Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba. We took a look back at the show's hosting history to figure out if the show's host, like love, has anything to do with it.