This Can't Be What Russia Looks Like.. Can It?

Christopher Han · 11/21/10 06:00PM

Recently a video has been going around with the title "Russia in 15 Seconds." It captures an incredibly bleak picture of life in a poor village.. almost too bleak. Could it be real?

Here Are Eight Minutes of Arnold Schwarzenegger Screaming

Matt Cherette · 11/18/10 02:30PM

Even though he's currently California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably best known for being an action star—oh, and for screaming incessantly in every one of his movies. Inside, a supercut (aka a compilation) of every Schwarzenegger scream ever.

A Completely Wasted Movie Supercut

Matt Cherette · 11/16/10 09:05PM

Who doesn't love supercuts? Whether it's Taylor Swift looking surprised (here), people in movies watching movies (here), or something else, a good supercut is always entertaining. So, here's a new one, featuring nearly five minutes of absolutely wasted movie characters!

If Other Directors Had Made The Social Network

Matt Cherette · 11/16/10 03:12PM

What if David Fincher hadn't directed The Social Network? What if the Facebook film had been made by, say, Wes Anderson? Or Michael Bay? Or Quentin Tarantino? Or, even, Frank Capra? Inside, a humorous video with those interpretations, and more!

If Office Space Was a Musical

Matt Cherette · 11/11/10 02:20PM

Remember Office Space, the stapler-centric disgruntled workers' cult favorite? Did you ever imagine the movie as a musical? Well, whether you did or didn't, here it is: a deliciously short—and sweet—Broadway-esque parody version of the film. Watch inside.

And Now, the Indie Version of Star Wars

nightintern · 10/26/10 12:41PM

Paper cutouts and a delicate acoustic guitar soundtrack do an artsy film make. In this video, the original Star Wars trilogy is sweetly retold—in under three minutes!—leaving not enough time for your favorite Captain Antilles scene. Watch inside.

Two Weeks Early, the Cars 2 Teaser Trailer Is Here

Matt Cherette · 10/20/10 01:58PM

It wasn't supposed to come out for two weeks, but it's here! And by "it," I mean the teaser trailer for Cars 2, Disney-Pixar's sequel to the 2006 hit (set to be released on July 24, 2011). Watch inside.

Kristen Stewart Doesn't Do Anal

Matt Cherette · 10/13/10 01:03PM

Well, isn't this interesting! Here's an advance clip from Welcome to the Rileys, aka the upcoming film that features Kristen Stewart as a wayward stripper who gets rescued by James Gandolfini. Watch as Stewart drops one dirty line after another.

Here Is a Video of People in the Movies Watching Movies

Matt Cherette · 10/07/10 02:46PM

In your Thursday edition of, "Whoa, how meta. That's so, like, meta!" we have this: a montage that features several scenes from the movies of... people watching movies! I'm surprised it took someone this long to make one! Watch inside.

Watch the Brand New Harry Potter Trailer

Matt Cherette · 09/22/10 08:23PM

It's here! It's here! Released just a few minutes ago, here's the official trailer for the first installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, set to be released on November 19. AHHHHHH! Get your fanboy or fangirl on, inside.