Michael Bloomberg Hates Movie Trailers, Thinks the Media Is Dumbing Itself Down

Taylor Berman · 03/07/13 11:04PM

Michael Bloomberg hates sugary drinks (but not coffee), has issues with the homeless, and has a history of making sexist remarks in public. But who cares about that. His most egregious mistake as New York's mayor (and the world's 13th richest person) is admitting to not liking movie trailers, which, as others have correctly noted, are often the best part of trips to the multiplex (especially when you're seeing Les Misérables, as Bloomberg had before this interview with M Magazine).

Journey 2: The Rock Discovers Atlantis

Brian Moylan · 11/10/11 01:52PM

What the hell is Journey 2? Is it when the Glee kids sing "Don't Stop Believing?" What even was Journey 1. Oh, it was Journey to the Center of the Earth! But Brendan Frasier is gone, and so is the earth.